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Hello everyone. Hope your weekend was great.

International Politics

“Kenya said its security forces were in control of most of the Nairobi shopping mall where at least 68 people were killed by Somali al Shabaab Islamists, but gunmen still appeared to be holding hostages as the siege entered its third day on Monday.Updates here.

– Angela Merkel has secured her third term victory, placing her reign far ahead of Margaret Thatcher.

– Even though in nine months the World Cup will commence in Brazil, delays are expected to upgrading airports there.

“A new Egyptian constitution replacing the one suspended on president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster will be put to a referendum by November’s end, a spokesman for the panel drafting the charter said Sunday.”

– Two suicide bombers in Pakistan killed 78 Christians in a church. The group claiming responsibility for the attack, TTP Jundullah, has said that it will continue unless US drone strikes stop.

“Let’s Face it, Pope Francis Still Ain’t That Great”

Surveillance Planet

“Hackers in Shanghai spent the last two years pursuing plans for the technology behind the United States’ most advanced military drones, targeting at least 20 foreign defense contractors in all.”

Labor’s a-Brewing

– “Industry groups have closely tracked the centers and are ready to fight back against what they see as a deliberate effort to move union organizing outside the law.” The rising power of labor today is starting to make business nervous and, as expected, they are fighting back.

– Police have “fired rubber bullets” in Bangladesh after protesters there demanded a $100 minimum monthly wage.

Politics USA

– The Six “Shocking Revelations About How Private Prisons Make Their Money”.

– Dave Zirin of the Nation takes down ESPN’s Rick Reilly and his defense of the Washington football team’s name.

– “The New York Times’ responsibility for Republican efforts to cut food stamps may not be immediately obvious, but on closer examination the truth comes out.” Dean Baker has more. [cont’d.]

Photo by Professor Bop under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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