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Over Easy: Monday Science

The largest creature that has ever lived

How do I get him to hold still for this Q-Tip?

Good Morning!

News from Fukushima is mainly reaction to prior weeks news. Only really new news is that the government has reported a 400% increase in health problems amongst Fuku workers. Local governments are starting to push back on P.M. Abe’s “under control” comments that won Tokyo the Olympics. Including the governor of Tokyo!

Tepco has discovered lose bolts on the bottom of the leaky tank. And a few problems in the sealant. And in the packing sections. But I’m sure the rest of the tanks are fine.

And they’re going to turn the plant into a “training base” for decontamination.

3000 year old mummy fixed for display…with the help of Legos! I don’t know about you, but as I kid I could never have enough Legos.

NASA has declared the Deep impact comet probe dead. A VERY successful mission, the probe shot an impactor into a comet to study the interior and studies 3 comets rather than the planned one.

We can study Whales by collecting and studying their earwax. I thought of Mike Rowe when reading that story. Curse you, Discovery Channel for cancelling Dirty Jobs!

Have you ever heard of a clathrate? It’s a cage of atoms that contains another atom, but without actually being bonded to that atom. Like methane hydrate. That central atom alters the properties on the cage somehow. Here, a trapped cerium atom causes an efficient thermoelectric generation. 

Mars Rover has found no trace of methane in the atmosphere, reducing the possibility of life further. It’s looking like we aimed at the wrong target in our search for life. Io, Enceladus, and Titan all seem like better targets now.

Tricking HIV into destroying itself! By making the virus think it’s got a cell to invade when there’s really nothing ther, the virus dumps it’s payload prematurely.

Largest deep earthquake ever recorded. The location is about 1500 miles north east of Japan, in the same group of faults.

Neanderthals made bone tools before we did.

This squid attracts prey by making it’s tentacles look like they’re free swimming prey.

Boxturtle ( <- Vodka Ignorant. Why is Grey Goose Vodka worth twice as much as Absolut?)

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