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Greece: Interview With Mother of Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P)

Posted by greydogg, 99GetSmart

Source: RevolutionNews

In this video TV journalists interview Pavlos Fyssas’s mother, the mother of the 34-year old hip hop artist known as Killah P who was murdered by Neo-nazi fascists (Xrysh Avgh) in the early hours of September 18 in Keratsini, Athens.

In this video we learn that an eye witness took a video of the scene of the crime and mistakenly took it to police – and for some reason the video hasn’t been brought up at all as evidence. Pavlo’s girlfriend went to the police to ask for help before the incident, there were 12 riot cops on 6 motorbikes – they said they would not get involved with such “gomaria” (beasts). Click to view videos

After what seems like a set up to have him murdered, a car came up with the killer, who then said he would kill him – and Pavlo was stabbed in the heart and abdomen. Fyssas’s mother claims the murderer was paid [by Golden Dawn].

Video Transcript (English Version):

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