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Corruption in the Twenty-First Century – Book Salon Preview

Today at 5pm ET, 2pm PT.

Corruption in the Twenty-First Century

Combating Unethical Practices in Government, Commerce, and Society

Chat with Vincent E. Green about his new book. Hosted by Gabriel M. Kuris.

For many people, corruption is a sound bite on the evening news. The reality is that corruption is more akin to a parasite, slowly drawing the lifeblood from a society.

In Corruption in the Twenty-First Century, author Vincent E. Green shares firsthand insight into the effects of corruption and shows how it is not a victimless crime. Green-someone who has fought corruption in New York City for more than thirty years and used the lessons he learned there internationally-here provides a history of corruption and its widespread effects. He explains how it occurs, what an investigation should look like, why we should care, and what strategies and tools can be implemented to defeat it. He discusses various corruption cases and describes how the perpetrators were brought to justice. He also details corruption’s negative impact on both the present and the future.

Designed to educate, train, and empower, Corruption in the Twenty-First Century arms people with the knowledge necessary to put a stop to corruption, defeat those who prey upon the good works of government, and help those resolved to work for the good of the people.

Vincent E. Green
earned a master’s degree in public administration and urban studies from Brooklyn College in 1988. He has been an integral part of New York City’s efforts to combat corruption for more than thirty years and has provided anticorruption training to more than seventy-five countries, including Tanzania, Georgia, Liberia, Haiti, Angola, Colombia, Montenegro, South Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  (

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