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Come Saturday Morning: Solar Roadways Update


Remember the Solar Roadways people I mentioned last month? When last we saw them, they were working on their solar parking lot, the test bed for their technology.

Now, they’re ready for the final step, installing the laminated glass panels. From their Facebook page on September 18, in response to a question on the parking lot’s status: “Hi Robin, the delivery truck is here right now with the first shipment of finished panels ready for installation!”

Yes, these roads would, at current estimates, cost three times as nuch as conventional asphalt roads. But a) we’re running out of the oil needed to make asphalt, and it’s getting pricier as a result; and b) the Solar Roadways are more than just roads: They’re also power plants and early-warning systems.

Like I said before, these guys just might save us all.

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