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“Allow me to rewrite and pretend about my remarks”

As many would have predicted, the statements of Pope Francis posed a bit of a problem for the right-wing dogmatist who have spent the last couple decades driving people out of the Catholic Church while fattening their wallets.

And who more likely than professionally constipated Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

In the wake of the Pope decrying the fixation on issues like reproductive rights (or lack thereof) and gay marriage Donohue found himself in a bit of a fix — but therein lies yet another opportunity to get money.

The article in the New York Times says U.S. bishops will feel the pinch of these remarks as they often appear “to make combating abortion, gay marriage and contraception their top public policy priorities.” This is inaccurate. It is not the bishops who have made these issues front and center—it is the Obama administration. It would be more accurate to say the pope would find fault with the bishops if they did not resist these state encroachments on the religious-liberty rights of Catholics.

Uh-huh…get those donor letter’s out Bill…post haste.

And it gets even more rich.

The pope wants us to reject abortion, and to help women who have had one to find peace with God. He wants us to reject gay marriage, but not gays because they are gay. Kudos to Pope Francis.

Um, yeah.  Meanwhile, behold Bill Donohue not rejecting gays.
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