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The Roundup for September 19th, 2013

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Hello, how was your day?

Wish to say that after a week of doing this, I thank all of you from your kind words and discussions with news posts. This column has helped me grow so far, along with your comments. I hope I can continue to learn while making this a lasting part of Firedoglake. I also thank everyone at Firedoglake for giving me this opportunity.

International Politics

– Bashar al-Assad: We will give our chemical weapons to any nation “willing to take them.”

Rebel infighting in Syria near the Turkish border. “Al Qaeda-linked fighters battled a rival Syrian rebel group near the Turkish frontier for a second day on Thursday, after the militant Islamists stormed a nearby town and prompted Turkey to shut a border crossing.”

– Hilarious segment that Colbert last night that talked about the “end of times” as some journalists maniac street preachers have talked about.

– “Under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, nor will we ever,” remarks President Rouhani on Iran and how they will not use nuclear weapons ever.

– Peace organizer in Columbia, Ricardo Esquivia, will be falsely charged for being a “guerrilla” by the military there. There is an action to stop this that can be found here.

– John McCain penned his story to Pravda. “I am pro-Russian, more pro-Russian than the regime that misrules you today.” Does that mean he just flip-flopped on Syria? Here is the full piece for any interested folk.

– Children in Iraq find 10 “blindfolded corpses”, they were killed with gunshots to their heads. No one is sure who committed the crimes.

– Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talks to workers at Fukushima plant about “the future of Japan” that is related to their clean up.

– Pope moving Church paradigm? Believes that “abortion” and “gay marriage” not issues that Church should obsessed over.

– Thousand give their farewell to Pavlos Flyssas as trial is soon to begin for this hitman. Samaras: This is not the time for internal strife. Pathetic considering he can stop these neo-Nazis, but refuses.

Financial Matters

– John Light of Moyers and Co.: “Why Is the Federal Poverty Line So Far Off?”

– After leading to a 6.2 billion dollar loss for the “London Whale” last year, JPMorgan is fined, get this, $920 million. Yep, that’s sure gonna teach them.

– “We don’t have to follow the law.” – TD Bank. I thought that was already known.

“Why You Should Not Be Enthusiastic About Janet Yellen as Fed Chairman”.

Surveillance Planet

– Emptywheel reports on how the Justice Department refuses to say why the Executive can get away with anything to the FISA court.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Department of Labor has issued a new order to cover home care workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act that gives them “wage and overtime protection.”

Politics USA

– Tom DeLay, who was charged for money laundering in Texas using corporate money, has his conviction overturned by an appeals court. “A Texas appeals court tossed out the criminal conviction of former US House majority leader Tom DeLay on Thursday, saying there was insufficient evidence for a jury in 2010 to have found him guilty of illegally funneling money to Republican candidates.”

– Even after Walker’s attack on public education, there is still discontent among teachers in Wisconsin. “Two out of three teachers believe public education in Wisconsin is headed down the wrong track, and almost half say they don’t have enough money or time to make the changes necessary to help more kids achieve in their schools, according to a new statewide survey that tapped the minds of thousands of educators.”

– An MIT historian talks about how “slavery shaped America’s elite colleges.” Fascinating read. 

Someone failed math class. Yet they were elected to Congress. What does that say about our system? “Rep. Andy Harris (R-MA) on Thursday asserted that cutting $40 billion from the food stamp program over the next 10 years would actually provide “more money” to hungry Americans.”

– Meanwhile, a Georgia Republican congressman, Phil Gingrey, complains that he is stuck “making $172,000 a year.” Well, we know he only represents the rich in his district…whereever money is I mean.

– New CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) report finds the “most corrupt” in Congress. No surprise that Bachmann and McConnell are in the list. Full report here.

– “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison has been banned by North Carolina school board.

Jon Stewart’s bit last night on the Navy Yard shooter.

“The risk of an accidental financial meltdown has been increased sharply by the latest “kamikaze” tactics of Republican budget negotiations, according to warnings given to Congress by leading economists.”

– Tragic. Death of 83 year old adjunct has the features of capitalism. “She told me that she was under an incredible amount of stress. She was receiving radiation therapy for the cancer that had just returned to her, she was living nearly homeless because she could not afford the upkeep on her home, which was literally falling in on itself, and now, she explained, she had received another indignity — a letter from Adult Protective Services telling her that someone had referred her case to them saying that she needed assistance in taking care of herself. The letter said that if she did not meet with the caseworker the following Monday, her case would be turned over to Orphans’ Court.”

Health, Homelessness, and Hunger

– Pizza Hut’s newest invention: Cheeseburger Pizza!

The War on Women

– The glamorization of gender-based violence. Marvelous read.

– Those jobs that are told to be great for women entering the workforce? Well they are, you guessed it, low-paid jobs.

– GOP ad does the unthinkable: States that government should stay out of women’s reproductive rights!

Planet Earth

– Will we expect a global helium shortage sometime soon? It is likely.

– Subhankar Banerjee: The Obama Administration’s climate change plan is imperialistic.

Mixed Bag

– Man becomes a living beer brewery.

– Study: Empathy for military robots “could affect outcomes on the battlefield.”

–  “12 Year old Hispanic Boy Not Sure If He’s Supposed to be Looking Up to Marco Rubio”.

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