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The Roundup

Good day to everyone.

International Politics

– Russia will present evidence that Syrian rebels were the ones to use chemical weapons. “We will discuss all this in the security council, together with the report which was submitted by UN experts and which confirms that chemical weapons were used. We will have to find out who did it.” remarked foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

– Mohammed Morsi, former Egyptian President who was ousted, had a conversation with his family recently on how he was.

– Iran has released 11 political prisoners. Unsure whether this is related to Rouhani’s visit to the UN or change in relations.

Leftist Greek rapper was killed by a Golden Dawn member who was stabbing him outside a cafe with other Golden Dawn thugs surrounding him. Protests have occurred in Greece against Golden Dawn stabbing, yet were being broken up by police (who by the way have half voting for Golden Dawn).

Edward Snowden considered for human rights award.

Financial Matters

“US stock markets hit record highs Wednesday as investors cheered the Federal Reserve’s surprise decision to keep its economic stimulus program in place.” Key word here is “investors.” It’s like winning finally in a casino as a rich person.

– Hilarious Colbert bit on how the rich are being pitted against the rich. Poor rich folk, how they can’t even get a break today.

– In the City University of New York, Coke loses a major hotspot as Pepsi now gets a contract in for $21 million. Neither are saints, let me say that much.

Having a job or two in New York doesn’t guarantee you a home.

Surveillance Planet

– “The phone companies are continuing to guard their silence over the controversial gathering of metadata by the NSA, despite the increasingly open approach by those at the center of the bulk surveillance programme. On Tuesday the secretive foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court declassified its legal reasoning for approving the NSA telephone metadata program periodically over the past six years.” Companies have their lips sealed over all of this spying.

– “The National Security Agency’s collection of phone records complies with the Constitution, and the government has shown it’s necessary to efforts to prevent terrorism, a U.S. court said in an opinion released yesterday.” Isn’t this a secret court that upheld it? How can they rule on this when no one knows they exist (or shouldn’t know)? [cont’d.]

Photo by Don Sutherland under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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