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Worldwide, markets soared after the U.S. announced continued stimulus for the economy.

The stock markets in Europe and the Far East have the surprising decision by the U.S. central bank celebrated not to initially reduce the economic aid for the world’s largest economy.


“The markets are thrilled,” said Frederic Neumann ofHSBC . The eagerly anticipated aid for the beleaguered investors in emerging markets is on the way. In recent months alone, the expectation of a reduction in the U.S. had led to large capital outflows from emerging markets.

Responding to reports of surveillance by the U.S. through hacking internet communication, Brazil took steps to separate from its U.S. based internet service.

President Dilma Rousseff ordered a series of measures aimed at greater Brazilian online independence and security following revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency intercepted her communications, hacked into the state-owned Petrobras oil company’s network and spied on Brazilians who entrusted their personal data to U.S. tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

In a further indication of strained relations between Washington and the South American country, Rousseff called off a planned trip to Washington next month, where she was scheduled to be honored with a state dinner.

Reactions to the Miss America 2014 winner’s being of Indian descent ranged from delighted to decidedly lower caste.

Curiously, netizens in India have been divided in their opinion of the new Miss America.

On the one hand, there was a lot of support for Nina Davuluri and anger at the racist comments that have been dogging her victory. On the other hand, a section of netizens debated whether Davuluri would have ever have won a beauty pageant in India, given the country’s fetish with fair skin.

In Newcastle, at Britain’s Science Festival, an unusual honor was awarded the Blobfish, named the Ugliest Animal in the World. Ugly Animal Preservation Society president Simon Watt expressed hope it would help save those species we don’t cozy up to easily.

“We only protect the animals that we relate to because they’re cute, like pandas.

“If extinction threats are as bad as they seem, then focusing just on very charismatic megafauna is completely missing the point.

“I have nothing against pandas,” he added, “but they have their supporters. These species need help.”

Awwwww. Beauty is always much more than skin deep. However, most of the life forms we humans share the planet with escape our notice.

A book published this week – Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures by Ross Piper – seeks to redress this imbalance by providing an unbiased tour of the 35 lineages of the animal kingdom in all their bizarre beauty and variety.

The pictures featured are well worth a look.


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