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“Just lie back and think of (bombing) England”

Via the Onion “Our Dumb Century”

Yesterday it was noted that Iran’s government was open to negotiations and compromises in its nuclear program vis-a-vis the United States — this, of course, is potentially bad news to America’s only “serious” people — aspiring war criminals.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Tuesday he’s working on legislation that would give the president the green light to attack Iran if negotiations over the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program stall.

Graham, one of the GOP’s most prominent hawks, told reporters on Tuesday that he’s worried the administration’s failure to get congressional approval for a strike against Syria has emboldened Iran.

I admit I haven’t reviewed my Hugo Grotius’ rules of “just wars” lately, but I’m pretty sure being accused of “feelin’ good” is not in there.  But kudos to Lindsey, he’s demanding his happy ending — even if it is just for him. He’s just that much of a “Statesmen” — or so Chuck Todd will allow.

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