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i’m writing this for my own clarity

The cosmos has spoken.

The ideological storm coming will transpose everything we thought of previously as ‘politics’.  There will be no vindication or rescue:  liberal, progressive, moderate, socialist, libertarian, tea partier, large or small d Democrat, large or small r Republican, independent this or that, revolutionary, 99%, a believer or non-believer, corporate monarchist or safe-haven follower, or any derivative of anything else…your analysis is obsolete.

The oceans and storms and floods and poisons and droughts and wildfires and poverty and violence is rising and your safe assumptions and coalitions are no longer valid.

Politics will boil down to hundreds of transformed Green Parties, standing alone worldwide, against all other political mish-mash:  co-opters, framers, apologists, indentured leaders, obedient followers, no-label labelers, do-it-yourselfers…but don’t fall for the line that this is somehow ‘green sectarianism’ or a utopian pipedream.

It’s survival.

There has never been a middle ground or a table to be compromised on with mother nature.  She laughs and cries for everyone deluded.

There’s still time for a choice.  Make yours count.


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e b bortz

e b bortz