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Ezra Is Terrified Because of His Framing

Here’s an exchange from last Friday’s Chris Hayes “All In” MSNBC show among Chris, Robert Costa of the National Review, and Ezra Klein of The Washington Post’s “Wonkblog.” In what follows I’ve slightly edited the MSNBC transcript to get rid of obvious verbal deviations but haven’t corrected for punctuation.

Robert: i think ezra brought up a great point. you saw eric cantor trying to come up with this plan and that would allow conservatives, allow the right to have a vote on defunding, but not really attach it to the continuing resolution. the minute he brought this up, the conservatives they revolted. you have a republican leadership that wants to fund the government, but they don’t have the votes.

Chris: you’ve got 233 house republicans. you need 218 to pass something and 33 republicans want to fully defund obama care. you had harry reid today saying about john boehner, i feel sorry for him. everyone’s constantly looking at him saying he has essentially the worst job in washington. what is the way out of this box?

Robert: it’s a great question. i think as much it’s not a great way out of the box. what you see speaker boehner doing behind the scenes, don’t have a shutdown on the government. he is using the 2011 model. he says i was able to get concessions in 2011. we’ll fight for them in december. come with me. let’s fight on the debt limit. i don’t want to have a shutdown. it’s not going to help you with your races in 2014.

Chris: the thing about that is, that’s an even sick higher strategy.

Ezra Klein: this is terrifying that this is the argument. And the analogy I would use is this is like trading a bad flu for septic shock. it is the worst trade in the history of all trades you could imagine . . .

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