Virginia Governor Race Tightens Up

While Democrat Terry McAuliffe continues to lead in the latest Quinnipiac poll of Virginia, Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has managed to narrow the gap.

In the race for governor McAuliffe gets 44 percent of likely voters, Cuccinelli has 41 percent and Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis stands at 7 percent. Back in August, Quinnipiac found McAuliffe had a six point lead but that poll didn’t include Sarvis.

Even though Cuccinelli has gained slightly, he is likely going to have a very tough time catching McAuliffe. The poll found only 34 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Cuccinelli while 51 percent have an unfavorable opinion. The number of people who view Cuccinelli unfavorably grow by 10 points in just the last month. It is very tough to win when more then half the electorate doesn’t like you.

McAuliffe stands at 38 percent favorable to 38 percent unfavorable. While not great, it is dramatically better than Cuccinelli.

The McAuliffe campaign seems to be doing an excellent job of making Cuccinelli unacceptable to voters.


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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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