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Richard Trumka Pwned by the President His Union Helped Elect. What.a.Sucker.

I have a little story ya might enjoy if ya think Big Unions and their captured-by-the-Dems bosses deserve a bit of comeuppance. 

Do ya remember Candidate Obomba?  Bruce at Café-Babylon brought this classic video to my TPP post; note the sign for the event at which he’s speaking-in-forked tongue.  (Or did he believe himself then?)  Nah, just more lies of expedience (translation: Con Man), I’d guess.  But the better Com Man…   I have more union news, but this story is just too good to not post in the meantime.  Please excuse any edits that need doing. Real life beckons…

Clearly the AFL-CIO’s 13 million members and massive GOTV wouldda helped Obomba get elected and re-elected.  Who knows how many votes came by way of their union dollars and support?  The big union also endorsed ObamaDontCare (h/t hotflashcarol), the grand gift to the private insurance corportations.

A few at a time, other Big Unions finally began to figure out (oh, yes, cuz the OMB had told them so, waaaay early on) that  millions of workers would be likely left without affordable health insurance under the provisions, and began letting the President and the Democrat leadership know that they were quite unhappy about that fact, ‘shocked’, really.

Richard Trumka eventually even wrote a sternly-worded letter to him, but reckoned that things could still be worked out so that rank and file members and their families wouldn’t be punished by the CursedCravenCare thang.  That letter was followed by the AFL-CIO on the last day of their LA convention passing a timid, Stockholm Syndrome-like resolution that Shamus Cooke characterized as O-Don’t-Care ‘not living up to its promises, and blaming it not on the plan itself, but on the implementation of the plan.

Now, as you may know, the keynote speaker at the AFL’s quadrennial national convention earlier this month was slated to be none other than: Barack Obomba.  I thought it was a sad and sick idea when it was announced.  He, of course, was unable to attend since he was very busy ginning up support for his Syria plans, and sent Valerie Jarrett in his place, and maybe a video of himself schmoozing attendees.  From Cooke:

‘Labor leaders are faking outrage now because their members are being directly affected, as are millions of others, all of whom have every right to blame labor leaders for this “nightmare scenario.”

Obamacare is perhaps the most blatant example of the complete incompetency of many U.S. labor leaders, who’ve tied the fate of organized labor to the Democratic Party, with disastrous results.

As the jobs crisis grinds on and wages and benefits are being attacked across the board, this “strategy” of labor leaders has proven be an utter failure. Union leaders have remained silent as the Democrats have attacked teachers, public employees, and implemented austerity measures on a state and federal level that shift the cost of the recession on working people.’

Now according to The Nation, Valerie Jarrett delivered some feel-good news to union members regarding their health insurance fears:

‘Jarrett noted that she and Trumka have discussed some of the “challenges that remain” on the Affordable Care Act, and said “we intend to work to solve those problems, big and small, and we’re committed to sitting down in good faith and working on solutions.She urged attendees to carry a message back home “that the president and his administration are so firmly committed to working with you, to standing with you, because we care about you. You are us. You are the reason why the president got into politics in the first place.… he did everything he has done thinking about you.”

Please pardon my following Schadenfruede, but we might wonder if it’s really a blessing to have this con-man of a President thinking about you…

Zo.  What came next?  Ezra Klein reported  that the Prez just can’t see how he can fiddle things so that the unions will get the waivers they want, and he cites Taft-Hartley, that old Catch-22 bugaboo:

‘A particular issue of contention has been so-called “Taft-Hartley plans” — multi-employer health-care plans that unions run, and that aren’t eligible for subsidies under the terms of the Affordable Care Act. The plans cover about 20 million Americans, and the government treats them as employer-based health-care plans for tax purposes. [.]

A recent letter signed by the powerful Teamster, UNITE-HERE, and UFCW unions warned that “under the ACA as interpreted by the Administration, our employees will be treated differently and not be eligible for subsidies afforded other citizens. As such, many employees will be relegated to second-class status and shut out of the help the law offers to for-profit insurance plans.”

The unions argue this will decimate membership in their plans as employers dump union workers onto public exchanges.

But the Obama administration notes these Taft-Hartley plans fail multiple tests the law sets up for insurance plans that receive subsidies. They receive the tax break given to employer-based plans and they often don’t follow “guaranteed issue” rules, meaning they don’t offer insurance to anyone who wants it. All of this disqualifies them from the insurance marketplaces and the associated subsidies.’

Meanwhile, the joke’s just killin’ the room at Forbes: ‘Obama To Labor Unions With Multi-Employer Health Plans: Drop Dead’ (hyuk, hyuk)  But day-um; it mustta just slipped the man’s mind when he promised the Unions the world, but ya just gotta say they were willingly duped by their slavish devotion to…Democrats.   I do feel very badly for the rank and file members and their families, but it’s about time more locals begin to break away from The Bigs and start alternative unions.  There are some, but some of the locals have already been severely punished, as an example, I reckon.  Could union members create a viable Workers Party?

Note to Union Bosses: Change this song, or you’ll be increasingly irrelevant, which will hurt all working families.

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