It’s Tuesday, and I am late for work again. The line would be long outside the diner, but prolly people have given up and gone on to the next joint, of one kind or another.

Good Morning, dinerzens! I have been busy again, we have had a ton of rain in NM, and Colorado is just a tragic situation as we have all been hearing. My brother told me this last week was like the week we had when we were getting ready for the big sale at my father’s business: endless, exhausting, and finally, rewarding. He had flooding, but “it’s just stuff” is the remark we make when our family is safe and the worst we can say is the stuff “got ruined.”

I did lose Mr. Sadness since my last diary, and mornings are very hard, still. He had his meds and gravy at breakfast for so long, and it has been many years since I have not been tending to a sick animal. So the loss is still deeply felt. I am struggling with our feral colony as their home base has remained under attack from all sides, but we are still feeding and the cats still have shelter at this time.

I have been trying to get someone(s) from our national laboratories with some ability to talk about Fukushima to help us put together a radio call-in program for our public station on what is going on there. I cannot believe the amounts of toxic and radioactive stuff that are going into the environment and the on-going evacuations in Japan. We have the resources here somewhere to talk about it, but I have not unearthed them yet.

We are having a national dialog on Native America Calling on Syria today. I don’t know if anyone out there listens to it, but it is broadcast from here, and one of my (un)Occupy friends is on the show today. It airs at 1 PM EST.

I guess I’ll make that the extent of my diary today, hope you find the coffee ready by the time you sit down.