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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Running from the Blast? The Fred Land Video

This newly released video shows the aftermath of the Forum Restaurant blast. Comment on this has exploded on Twitter. We will be hearing a lot more about it.

As someone else said, it would take younger eyes than mine to recognize the man in black clothing and a white cap who is running away from the second blast along with the rest of the crowd. But for the sake of argument, I will take the word of those who are sure that it is indeed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Most of us don’t see any backpack on his shoulder, but … He could have dropped his pack like many other people at the Marathon did, and then not bothered to pick it up before fleeing. Or, the pack could have contained a smoke bomb, since there is a plausible theory that the Tsarnaev brothers were actually at the Marathon to participate in a bomb drill.

If we combine this video with the wording in the indictment (which I believe is based on a surveillance video?) we have a description of Dzhokhar’s movements that goes something like this: He drops his not-very-heavy, light-gray pack by the railing. He stands for a few minutes fiddling with his cell phone. When the first blast occurs, he, like everyone else, looks toward the finish line. His face (which, in most photos of him, is rather quietly inscrutable) does not look upset or frightened enough to suit Agent Genck. He then quickly walks away in the opposite direction. When the second blast happens, he begins to run. (Apparently, that 10 seconds he took to walk away before allegedly setting off the second bomb, wasn’t quite long enough.)

One day I believe the brothers are innocent, the next day I think they’re guilty. I frankly hope they are innocent, and the amount of reasonable doubt here is pretty overwhelming. However, I have this irritating roommate who keeps debunking everything I show him. So, I don’t know.

Concerning this video, I have a question about the epicenter. The smoke arises off-screen, but seems to be close to the railing. However, we can’t see anything behind the sidewalk, so we can’t tell what’s going on there. Agent Genck insists the explosion happened “in the location where Suspect 2 dropped his pack.” According to him, case closed. However, two explosions (one harmless, one big) would explain the conflicts in different witness accounts from people who were at the Forum.

Also, there is a new blog filled with detailed articles by people who have exhaustively studied photographic evidence of the bombing. One of these articles points out at least three items in the same area where Dzhokhar was, which could also have fit the description of the fatal pack (and at least one of them was actually black!) This suggests that Agent Genck was only guessing which pack was the culprit, based on the fact that he didn’t like Dzhokhar’s body language or his Muslim-looking face (maybe I’m being unfair to the agent, but I can’t resist).

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