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Over Easy: Monday Science

From Cassini

Titan has an atmosphere, water, and hydrocarbons. Why not life?


Well, the news out of Fukushima keeps getting worse and worse. The corium will be too hot to approach for hundreds of years and will continue to leak radiation. Tepco admits they’ve been under reporting cesium. Korea may (read: probably will) sue Japan. And there’s a 150kph typhoon going to hit Monday.

UPDATE: The typhoon has passed Fukushima. It appears that the #4 SFP survived, but no official word from the plant site yet. 500,000 ordered to evacuate.

Brazil appears to have learned the Fukushima lesson.

Superconductivity at 107F. No minus sign. Not commercially usable, but proves it can happen.

Squid gel makes surgical glue!

Evidence of life on Saturn’s moon Titan?

Team discovers that a comet hitting a rocky body can generate Amino acids, the building blocks of life. Like wise, a rocky body hitting a comet. Titan is a rocky body hit by lots of comets.

Remember Rosetta? It wakes up in Jan 2014 and the plan is to drop a probe on a comet.

The Mars rovers worked so well, we’re planning upgrades.

This still doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Who says drones can’t do good? NASA is using surplus drones to track hurricanes.

The Ig Nobel’s are awarded. A winner: proof that dung beetles navigate by the Milky Way.

We’ve learned the structure of glass, thanks to a glass sheet just two atoms thick.

Remember how the EPA assured us after 9/11 that the air was safe? About 1,100 people have been approved for the special 9/11 insurance fund for cancer.

Various states have forced disclosure of the composition of fracking fluids, though not all companies are cooperating. Here’s what someone is doing with the info already released.

Could gravatons explain Dark Energy? The gravaton is still very much a hypothetical particle.  And dark energy still seems very much like epicycles to me.

In Canada, the government is barring researchers from discussing any research which might not agree with the government’s position. Researchers are now fighting back. Banned topics include the ozone layer, salmon, and snowflakes.

The South Pole experiences the warmest winter ever. Wonder how much longer they’ll be allowed to publish such things. The Pine Island Glacier is melting from underneath, wonder how many other apparently fine glaciers are doing that.

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