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Pedantic Pandering from the Pillars of Progressive Pablum

Whew… talk about a one-two punch. First Krugman; then Obama.

Krugman started off so well. He had all the buzz phrases: rich man’s recovery, children of the wealthy, meritocratic ideology, oligarchic reality… and this: “the power of money is crowding out effective democracy.” And this: “whatever is causing the growing concentration of income at the top, the effect of that concentration is to undermine all the values that define America.”

Tell it, Brother Paul.

“Crowding out effective democracy”. “Undermining all the values that define America.” Yikes… that’s some pretty serious stuff. It sounds like the corpus Americana is in critical condition. What say ye, Dr. Paul? What say ye, Mr. Nobel prize winner? What say ye, Mr. NY Times? What say ye, Mr. Voix des Liberals? What prescription will you offer to sickly old Uncle Sam?

Ah, here we go… the article transitions with a very clear “What can be done?” Now we’ll get some answers. Ouch, the New Deal “seems politically out of reach” but “that doesn’t mean we should give up on smaller steps.” Paul’s only suggestion? He likes de Blasio’s call for “universal prekindergarten education, paid for with a small tax surcharge on those with incomes over $500,000.”

That’s it? Democracy is gone and that’s it? All the values that define America have been undermined and that’s it? Sheesh… if this doesn’t highlight the utter bankruptcy of liberal America I don’t know what does. It’s hard to believe the NY Times even wasted their column inches on such drivel.

But fear not… we also heard from Mr. Obama who was only slightly less dramatic than Mr. Krugman.

Appearing today on an ABC News program, Mr. Obama was interviewed by George Stephanopolous.

Stephanopolous: “Maybe a president just can’t stop this accelerating inequality.”

Obama: “No, I think the president can stop it.”

After blaming Republicans, Mr. Obama argued that globalization and technology were causing the loss of American jobs and that his solution included increased education, more infrastructure projects and tax incentives for businesses to create jobs.

Say what? Let me see if I’ve got this? We’re suffering from “accelerating inequality” and all that’s being offered is a few dead-in-the-water programs to address the situation? Ask yourself this: will the gap between rich and poor continue to increase if all of Obama’s suggestions were fully implemented? The liberals have nothing to offer beyond bandaid democracy. Let the wealth gap continue to grow. Do whatever you can to patch up the wounded. Let the extreme concentration of wealth continue to poison the good old US of A. We’ll offer some scholarships to the poor or maybe even a discount on student loan rates. Yeah, talk about revolutionary change. That oughtta do it.

Although it’s been said many times, many ways, we cannot leave in place any system that leaves so few with so much that they are able to write the rules and control both the government and the media. You need to understand that money is power and too much money is too much power. Even if you could impose a system that taxed the income of the super-wealthy at 100%, they would still be able to exert a perverting influence on our democratic processes. Got that? You cannot allow the current concentration of wealth to remain in place because it leads to oligarchy. The problem is not just income; it’s wealth.

So, all of it, i.e. all the liberal programs of the great safety net, fail to achieve the necessary objective which, of course, is real democratic government. You can’t get there from here. You can’t pay teachers more and reduce class sizes. You can’t save Social Security and Medicare. You can’t create jobs. You can’t provide increased opportunities to women and minorities. You can’t address climate change or our depleted-nutrition food supply. You can’t overturn the Citizens United decision. You can’t slice the military budget in favor of programs that benefit everyday Americans. In short, when wealth and power are as concentrated as they are, you just plain can’t. And that is the current state of liberal America and the Democratic party… they just plain can’t.

And so we go to war. We are mocked as “class warriors”. Our values, our country and our very survival is under attack by the ruling class and it is we who are mocked. There is only one solution “progressives” should be addressing and that is that the extreme concentration of wealth that exists must no longer exist. Until there are millions of us in the streets who identify with this message, we will have no power. When that day arrives, however, and it will, our first call should be for the voluntary surrendering of assets above some value. Consequences for those who fail to comply should be made very, very clear.

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