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Free Sunday service on one Philadelphia subway line and other philanthropy

Gift to Philly



There are many freebies and discounts for the Eagles games if the customer learns the code. For instance Monday Sept 16, 2013 for instance with a Dunkin Donut coupon one gets a free coffee, or by signing up for DUNKIN’ MOBILE Text App to Dunkin (386546)


However Sunday the Entire El Train, 10 am to 6 pm, is free in both directions no code needed sponsored by Eagle Light.


One can save on transfers and for instance one can go downtown on the Erie Ave bus and get off at Erie Ave instead of at the EL stop to enter the subway system.


What does this have to do with being progressive? Many causes including ecology groups, poverty fighting groups give away free address labels even a free postage stamp with their fund raising letters, or even a penny on the envelope.


I brought jugs of hot coffee once from my 22nd Street senior apartment by shopping cart which they actually allowed on the bus to the Occupy Philly encampment at City Hall, later to avoid playing around with coffee creamer or milk gave hot tea to them, and to the homeless at other sites.


More recently people got nervous to get a refilled bottle of half frozen ice water, but sometimes even those with money on a really hot day appreciate 9 cents a bottle filtered commercial water (from Santa Clause,



In Philadelphia the Green Party took over the 2nd minority party position of the Consumer Party which disappeared after Max Wiener died while being in a horse race to become one of the three City Controllers.


Earlier he was arrested for giving away a subway token with a dollar fifty donation. After his trial the city changed its policy by selling two token packets instead of 10.


This article belongs on a Philly site more than national FireDogLake, sadly is plagued by the site constantly switching to a historical Front Page changed back every time I email Rich Gardner. I am not computer competent enough to join the collective which at last report is down to one member.


I would like to see the Philadelphia Green Party which I am active with, hand out leaflets and voter registration forms reminding people how vibrant Philly will be if the subways were always free.


PerhapsOprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros could co-sponsor free public transit if the government paid half,

The above Metro link before editing also mentioned Cheri Honkala who was originally a poverty stricken child who was a frequent run away with a drug addict mom.


Luis Rodriguez from rags to comfortable income from being a high paid author I want people to idolize as well. He is running for Governor California as the Green Party candidate and ran for Vice President with the Justice Party,


Thank you Miller Lite with a real gift to public transit, gifts only for those who know the code is a different matter.


It is difficult for rich people to play Santa Claus anonymously because the tax code wants things reported.


Maybe we should lobby for a law that allows for public transit or public schools and poverty needs people could give donations anonymously and still get tax deductions.


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I'm retired in Philadelphia. Non religious but there seems to be a life force that I see as more personal than is usually expressed.

I was raised a Quaker (common with Christian Jewish intermarriage back them) But my father was a total pacifist and during World War II, at the time that being so was difficult.

Upbringing included father trying not to get physical, yet still defend us kids from my harsh stepmother until she got her citizenship papers, after which they could get divorced. Been involved in peace issues since the anti-fallout shelter protests through Vietnam and Iraq.

I wrote "Greedy Little Squirrels and Lifeboat ethics,” 1977, when the Moonies were coming to America and got heavily harassed by them. I also think bin Laden is extremely dangerous like the leader of a barroom brawl, who has been manipulating this country into using the US to get Muslims angry enough to join his suicidal permanent war group. Before 9/11 young Muslims rebelled by wearing by covering their hair a little less than expected and at least winking at each other, now he changed rebellion into being militancy. The Northern Alliance would have been legitimately in charge long ago had he not baited the US into entering Afghanistan.

Obama is making a mistake in my mind with how to stop bin Laden’s dream of permanent war in a divided world but less of a mistake than most anyone else would. If due to currency collapses from out ever more expensive weapons the US stops fighting al Qaeda, then other counties will. If it ends up being Iran, the Sunni Shiite divide will be enormous. Al Qaeda is already convinced that the atheist China is a serious enemy, and the Russians have fought for brutally and inadvertently convinced far more Muslims than the US did that they considered Islam itself to be the enemy.

I never stopped supporting Jimmy Carter when everyone turned on him and I support Obama as well, but think he will have to use a lot more persuasion and less force if they aren’t going to succeed at bankrupting us. However Obama has tried less force and al Qaeda has started to respond in kind trying to limit the victim’s in the way of their primary attacks.
Back up reference to above link,

Richard Kane (Philadelphia)
(More information if you google RichardKanePA