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The Roundup for September 13th, 2013

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Good evening everyone.

International Developments

– “Ban Ki-moon made no comment on who was to blame for the 21 August attack in the Ghouta area of Damascus, as that is not part of the report’s remit.But he did say Syria’s president was guilty of “crimes against humanity.” An UN Report, which will be released next week, is expected to show Assad’s government using chemical weapons.

Is the stability of the Syrian government tied to the brothers of Assad? “Maher Assad commands the elite troops that protect the Syrian capital from rebels on its outskirts and is widely believed to have helped orchestrate the regime’s fierce campaign to put down the uprising, now well into its third year. He has also gained a reputation for brutality among opposition activists.”

Russia and US still talking on third day in Geneva about Syria.

– Meanwhile, John McCain will write a response in Russia’s newspaper, Pravda, on what Putin wrote in the New York Times. Might take a while, McCain starting to get addicted to poker.

– Reuters/Ipsos Poll: 75% of Americans prefer a diplomatic agreement to solve Syrian crisis

– Four men in India, who were found guilty of raping and killing a woman, have been sentenced to death.

– Forty Years After the Chilean Coup, Salvador Allende’s dream has still lived on

International Finance 

“Wall Street Banks Obtain Market Data Ten Minutes Earlier Than Everyone Else”

Twitter is prepping for its IPO

– The biggest problem for Microsoft as shown in a chart.

Money Matters USA

California Governor Jerry Brown will support legislation that raises the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

“10 reasons why millenials” are screwed

Companies are now seeking older workers for their experience, rather than young individuals

FY 2013 deficit falls to “lowest level since 2008.”

– 80% of Americans have been exposed to “financial fraud.” For a country that has Wall Street without any strict regulations, no surprise.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The Adjunct Faculty Association in SUNY Nassau Community College, who have been fighting for increased pay and other benefits, have suspended their strike as the union speaks on Wednesday over a solution.

Police have attacked teachers who are occupying in Mexico City, who are protesting the government for attempting to break up their unions in the education.

Potential for a worldwide movement based on current conditions?

How the AFL-CIO conference has shaped up to be so far.

Politics USA

– Glenn Beck: Mitt Romney is “just another progressive.”

Eight million dollars. That’s how much Eliot Spitzer spent just to be a Comptroller (and failed at it).

– Rep. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wishes there were more people like hate-machine Jesse Helms. I’m guessing Ted Cruz has sympathy with Golden Dawn and wishes for a party like them.

– Heartless. Nevada sent 1,500+ mental patients on one-way Greyhound buses to California. San Francisco is suing them.

Watch Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi segment on Monsanto.

– Florida Police Chief Steve Brackell: Zimmerman is a “Sandy Hook” or “Aurora” waiting to happen.

Surveillance Planet

– As a result of the disclosures that the NSA has spied, it is estimated that US tech sales overseas will lose $180 billion or “25 percent of information technology services by 2016.”

– NSA justifies its use of its “phone program’s usefulness” because of “a San Diego cabdriver from Somalia who sent $8,500 to a terrorist group in his home country.”  Because everyone knows someone in Somalia, right NSA?

– Judge Dennis Saylor has ruled that NSA document disclosures will lead to an “informed debate.”

Top Gun (Stories)

“Emergency room and inpatient procedures related to firearm injuries cost $629 million in 2010 alone, according to a new study by the Urban Institute. Since a large majority of these injuries afflicted poor males from low-income regions, U.S. taxpayers subsidized over half the costs of the treatments through public insurance programs.”

Planet Earth

Apparently, the EPA keeps “kids from exhaling.” Great! Thanks Fox News!

Just one percent of US power plants equals 12 percent of US carbon emission. Report found here.

Colorado experiencing “biblical” proportions of rainfall. Eight inches are the reports. Four dead.

We’re exploiting New Zealand’s Pristine Coast for our cell phones and other technology.

Mixed Bag

Rest in Peace Roy Dolby.

How the Oneida Nation Is Challenging the Name of Washington’s Football Team

– Jaden Smith now starts to become a radical with anti-status quo tweets on education. Next he’ll call forth a proletarian revolution.

– Brainstem cause of dreams, says French researchers.

Break Time

Tribute by Springsteen to Victor Jara, Chilean folk singer killed in Pinochet’s coup

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.