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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Martin Richard: WoodyBox’s Latest Crime Scene Analysis

Just a quick note for those still interested in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev case. WoodyBox has a new (Sept. 11) post on his site

He de-constructs the famous picture of Dzhokhar supposedly dropping his pack next to Martin Richard, the little boy who was killed. Original reports placed Martin and his unfortunate family at the site of Bomb 1, not Bomb 2 (allegedly Dzhokhar’s bomb).

I have seen posts on other sites which suggest that Dzhokhar and his pack were photoshopped into that picture. On looking at it again on Woody’s site, it seems pretty obvious that Martin and the little girl next to him were photoshopped in. It looks like Martin has two sets of feet (one on the barrier, one on the ground), and the girl next to him is in an impossible pose.

Whether the picture of Dzhokhar and his pack at this location are accurate, I don’t know. But if this picture is supposed to be proof of anything, it’s definitely not to be trusted.

Thanks Woody for keeping it alive.



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