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This video is Tom Middleton’s “Lament.” The song is better known to some as “14:31” from the Global Communication album 76:14which marks its twentieth birthday next year.

Anonymous masked activist

Anonymous, film critic

Anonymous (yes, the guys in the masks) attended a recent special screening of the documentary Informant about infamous snitch Brandon Darby. Darby himself, along with one of his victims, held a debate after the film:

We caught the documentary “Informant” starring none other than Brandon Darby, someone who proudly proclaims to have worked for the FBI, and the subsequent debate between he and David McKay, the 2008 RNC protester whom he entrapped making molotov cocktails. As you can imagine, the debate devolved into Brandon and David hurling accusations at one another an audience members calling him a snitch, and one disrespectful buffoon had to be escorted out after he wouldn’t shut up, yelling VIVA CHAVEZ for no apparently good reason and taking up the time for other audience members to ask questions.

One crowdmember in attendance called Brandon a prostitute. Others called him a sociopath, patriarchical, amongst other things. It is hard for us to describe him without resorting to derogatory name calling, since we get self-serving narratives, glaring omissions, rewrites, gloating, and distortions all the time from him. He mentioned in his debate that he sees things from a left-right perspective, giving away that he sees political conflict in a binary paradigm where he believes whatever others around him believe, and those who don’t are simply the rest. He then ranted about how the left-wing, liberal, anarchist and peace & justice movements aren’t able to police themselves, using the crux of this single incident at the RNC to justify his point even though he could have more forcefully intervened. What this movie definitely should have been named, as opposed to “Informant” should have been “Brandon Darby Tells A Story” since it was clearly a movie all about him and his choices from his perspective, rather than a documentary examining and critiquing the phenomenon of the use of informants by police in America. That is a movie we hope to eventually see.

With a rating of just 3/10, it’s clear Anonymous wasn’t impressed with the film or Darby’s performance.

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Photo by gaelx released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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