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Rome based Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  estimates fully a third of food produced worldwide is going to waste, while starvation threatens all too many who cannot access that produce.

Achim Steiner, head of the United Nation’s Environment Program (UNEP), described it as “a staggering phenomenon.”

“It will take less than 37 years to add another two billion people to the global population. How on earth will we feed ourselves in the future?” he asked.

Steiner said that eliminating food wastage had “enormous potential” to reduce hunger and called on citizens to take individual action to tackle the issue.

“Each year, food that is produced but not eaten is adding 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the planet’s atmosphere,” the FAO said.

Agreements on Syrian chemical weapon use resolution ramped up from various sources, with worldwide attention focused on steps to keep further atrocities from occurring.

Opposition leaders refused Russian proposals for supervision of chemical weapons, as that would mean rebel territory continues to be bombed.

The rebel Syrian National Coalition decried a “political maneuver which will lead to pointless procrastination and will cause more death and destruction to the people of Syria.”

Regime warplanes bombed rebellious districts inside the Damascus city limits on Tuesday for the first time since the poison gas attacks. Rebels said the strikes demonstrated that the government had concluded the West had lost its nerve.

Water reserves in a vast reservoir just discovered to underlie Kenya promise relief for a drought that has lasted in that country since the previous year.

The discovery of two aquifers brings hope to the drought-hit region, tweeted Environment Minister Judi Wakhungu.

They were found in the Turkana Basin and Lotikipi Basin using satellites and radar.

Last year, scientists released a map detailing the vast reservoirs which lie under much of Africa.

New meaning attached to getting panties in a wad at Swiss borders.  Undies are getting a pat there, as money launderers try to sneak their money out before the Swiss banks comply with new regulations requiring reports of foreign cash stowed in Swiss accounts.

The banks may have held up to £112 billion in illegal accounts in Switzerland on behalf of British and German taxpayers. Now many Germans are trying to get their money home in cash before the taxman finds out about their secret stashes. Since the banks agreed to hand over information about their customers and their accounts to governments, the Germans alone have handled 36,000 appeals under a tax amnesty. But thousands more are attempting to carry on cheating the taxman by smuggling their money home.


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Ruth Calvo

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