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Has the “center left” Returned and Moved Left?

Has the “center-left” Returned and Moved Left?

In answering this Question, requires a deft hand for extracting the propaganda from among the prevailing or prevalent white America, and which requires the recognition of this as a much “smaller” Question, and thusly or subsequently, for addressing the much “larger” Question, in lieu of the current content that is Syria.

As the “starting point” and for recognizing that the Iraq War, the overwhelming majority of white America was highly supportive for this War.  In contrast,America’s “racial and ethnic” minority was thoroughly opposed to this War.  Take, for example, 90% of Native Americans were opposed; 90% of African Americans were opposed;  and 73% of Latinos were opposed.  Further, with 30 million citizens opposed, effectively demonstrates that the “center left” did in fact move to the Left.  As such, the existing “center left” in white America moved to the “center right.” 

Now, to the much “larger” Question is found in the existing answer and which is that the “Great European Migration Is Coming To A Close.”  Subsequently, this Indigenous Precursor is not found in War, but in Peace.  Therefore, a “natural” Democracy!  Today, the former Tribal Chairman of the Dineh Society (Navajo), Petersen Zah, and a practicing attorney, is part and parcel to a 3-member team of educators for teaching a seminal course on “natural” Democracy, at Arizona State University.

In closing, the Left is currently occupied, for the most part, by America’s “racial and ethnics.”  Thusly, we welcome all new arrivals and Big Mama Good, the Great Matriarch of Universal Totality, stands ready to welcome you, as well.



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