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Hunger March

From the 1900s until the early 1980s just about everything that was sold to you from automobiles to zithers was manufactured in some sort of factory somewhere, most of the time here in the good old U.S.A. With few exceptions if you worked in any of the larger cities the chances are you worked in one of the mills or factories.

Though the state university system got it’s start in the early 1800s, few people had gone to college by even the 1950s. By 1950 there were large areas where fewer than 1% of the population had  college degrees. But with the passage of the GI bill which had as part of the act the government paying for most — if not all — of the cost of a college education, this all changed as more and more veterans chose to obtain a college degree.

Well if that’s the case, how then were we able to come up with television, not to mention all technical advances of WWII? A large number of people were self taught and/or were trained on the job or apprenticed. As one fellow said who headed up a large electronics firm, “They had to learn this stuff like everyone else, by trial and error.”

As the veterans became more educated and their kids became more educated and the factory jobs declined due in part to automation and competition from foreign products — so to did the voting habits of the populace also change.

These so called baby boomers came from from homes that were relatively well off and where getting a college degree was expected. A college degree was the “key” to better income and a “bright” future it was said.

However these boomer ‘s kids began to see a less and less rosy future with fewer and fewer being able to get employment even with a college degree. By the 1990s we began to see more and more people with degrees only being to get service jobs like flipping burgers. And being saddled with a load of debt for their trouble.

And unlike those in technology of the past, these folks have the education but little — if any — experience in their field to go along with it. Business does not require it nearly as much. Just so long as one can be a positive to their bottom line.

Those fancy gated houses that many grew up in are becoming less and less attainable. So these same kids are choosing to reside once again with their parents. Which puts the parents at a disadvantage and of course changes their attitude as well. The rosy picture that was painted for the parents and their kids is no longer looking so rosy. Putting the parents and their grown up children one step away from the poor house in many cases and making retirement for even the most well-off a nebulous goal.

Should the economy take another downturn, these people could be the next victims. So the administration is doing it’s damnedest to keep that from happening by throwing more and more of those below to the wolves. I seriously doubt that the Obama administration will be successful in this though.

So as Obama his minions consider getting involved in more military adventures, they would do well to consider the impact this would have not just politically but economically as well. For if many of these families find themselves in an unavailing position economically, they could choose to side with those who have been there all along. Then the screw will turn and it won’t be pretty.

And as far as the families themselves, they would do well to look at who and what they currently owe allegiance too, as those further up the economic scale owe NONE to them. As they are too busy protecting their own sorry rear ends.

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