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Internal Division Forces GOP to Delay Government Funding Vote

Incredibly, a significant number of conservatives and House Republicans have convinced themselves that threatening to hurt the economy will give them leverage over a President who will never again face re-election.

The first sign that this stupid posturing has metastasized into an actual problem is decision today by House leadership to delay a vote on a continuing resolution. From the Hill:

House GOP leaders have delayed a vote on a bill to avert a government shutdown until next week.

An aide to Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) confirmed the decision, which is designed to give GOP leaders more time to round up votes.

Leaders have been scrambling to gain 217 votes for their plan to fund the government through Dec. 15 while forcing the Senate to vote up or down on a measure to defund ObamaCare.

What is remarkable about this problem is that it is entirely disconnected from any theory of change. I see no way anyone could really believe this defund Obamacare threat could work if they just took 10 minutes to apply basic logic.

The absolute best case scenario is that a government shutdown hurts the economy and low information voters mostly blame the President for the poor economy. But why should that even worry Obama? He is never going to face the voters again or worry about angry calls from donors losing government contracts, unlike the House Republicans.

Obama is focused on his legacy and agreeing to defund Obamacare to solve a temporary issue is not going to happen.

Photo by ajagendorf25 under Creative Commons license.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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