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(UPDATED LINKS) Why Janet Yellen Should Be Fed Chair: Background and a Petition

Update 9/12: Links to the petition fixed.

I write because the last two petitions on the White House We the People website asking Obama to appoint Janet Yellen instead of Lawrence Summers for chair of the Federal Reserve expired, so I created a new one here.

Why bother signing it?

Just sign it.  Then share it.  Everywhere.

If you have more than two minutes, write your senator and ask her or him to tell the Obama administration that she or he will not vote for Summers if he becomes the nominee.  That goes double if your senator is one of the 22 on the Senate banking committee.  (The nomination has to pass that committee first, and of the 12 Democratic senators on it, Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Merkley, and Sherrod Brown will likely vote against Summers should he become the nominee, which means Obama probably already needs Republican votes in committee alone.  A decent description of the hurdles Summers would face is here.)

Thank you.  And all success upon your ways!

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