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Tonight’s musical selection is “Get Lucky” covered by Miracles of Modern Science. The original song has become painfully ubiquitous for some people (I still like it) but I couldn’t help sharing this cover. Of course, if you haven’t heard it you should also check out the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost version.

Moral Monday Chicago

Protests against ALEC have corporations feeling the pressure.

Prompted by student protests, the massive student lender Sallie Mae became the 50th corporation to drop support for ALECPRWatch reports:

“It’s a terrific victory for the students, community members, and unions members that were involved,” said Chris Hicks, Student Debt Campaign Organizer at Jobs With Justice. “It’s no accident that Sallie Mae has decided to leave ALEC — from the shareholder meeting in May and the meeting students and graduates had with CEO Jack Remondi in June to the nearly 15,000 petition signatures gathered in August, students have shown Sallie Mae they are serious about their demands and are not going away.”

Many students and young people were outraged that a company that profits from student debt would use their loan payments to fund ALEC, which (among other things) works to make the education system a for-profit endeavor and advances laws that make it harder for many college students to vote.

In August, before ALEC’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, organizers with the Student Labor Action Project, Jobs With Justice, and the United States Students Association gathered nearly 15,000 signatures on a petition demanding Sallie Mae drop its ALEC membership. A few months earlier, in May,at least 200 student activists protested outside Sallie Mae’s annual shareholder meeting, demanding that it end its relationship with ALEC and increase transparency about its other lobbying and political activities. CEO Jack Remondi agreed to meet with students the following month, but at the time appeared to reject their demands.

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Photo by Mikasi released under a Creative Commons license.

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