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The Quasi-Roundup for September 10th, 2013

I’m concerned that fatster hasn’t posted in a while. I miss Fatster’s posts as it is a a vital part of the community here at FDL. I’ll temporarily post something that resembles the “Roundup,” but I hope Fatster can come back after dealing with anything he or she has at the moment.

Newspapers in a stack

A collection of important headlines & news.

Feel free to post up your own news stories. I’m not the best with getting as much news as Fatster, but I’ll do my best to ensure a good deal of information is brought forth.

International Developments

– Barack Obama is now speaking to the American people about the Syrian crisis and will continue pressure on Syria. WaPo has the up-to-the-minute analysis of what he is saying.

– Syria, meanwhile, accepts Russia’s proposal to give up chemical weapons as UN has ball in court on this matter.

– “But, as previous military campaigns have shown, US military commanders often see new conflicts as an opportunity to use recently developed weapons. In some cases, these offer unique capabilities, such as destroying stockpiles of chemical weapons. Employing exotic new weaponry can also offer the opportunity to demonstrate that the investment of significant sums was money well spent.” More here.

-Huh? Neil Cavuto thinks this Syria crisis leads to the “Second Coming.” 

Great piece by Colbert and co. about “Spider-Reagan” and his so-called attempts if alive to take down Assad.

– North and South Korea will open a factory together. Interesting.

International Finance

– Jon Corzine, former Gov. of NJ and former head at MF Global, wishes for the civil charges against him to be dropped.

Money Matters USA

– New report from economist David Rosnick at the Center for Economic Policy and Research that details how the Trans-Pacific Partnerships leads to more inequality for workers here and little in overall gain.” Reminds me of a little agreement a while back …

– Oh come on! “An updated study by the prominent economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty shows that the top 1 percent of earners took more than one-fifth of the country’s total income in 2012, one of the highest levels recorded in the century that the government has collected the relevant data.” NYT has the details.

– Whoever runs the Fed will decide whether Dodd-Frank lives or dies.

Depending on this chart can make you either more cautious or more likely to go out and tax those “super rich people.” I know I will!

Surveillance Planet

– Am I supposed to be shocked now? Reports show that from 2006 to 2009, NSA’s “queries of phone database broke [FISA’s] court rules.

– FBI has released “heavily redacted” documents that show the FBI wished to “memorialize” late journalist Michael Hastings.

– A John Hopkins professor named Michael Green was asked to take down a post he did on the NSA as told by the Dean there. Dean has recently apologized and said he is “supportive of academic freedom.” More here.

– How do I use this technology again? Apparently, folks at the NSA have no clue what they’re doing. Beautiful.

Politics USA

– Righteous: CUNY and David Petraeus, who is “All Up” In CUNY’s Macaulay Honors Program, have been protested last Monday by 100+ students. Steve Horn has more here. Watch as Petraeus gets students yelling at him as he walks to his class. More protests to follow.

– New York’s primary elections are today as the next mayoral candidate for both parties gets under way. Democrat Bill de Blasio is favorite to win for the Democrats, as well as Joseph Lhota for the Republicans. Run-offs are October 1st if there is no majority for both parties. Spitzer may have a chance for Comptroller as well.

-More on De Blasio: Is he as sincere as he talks? Doubts raised whether his rhetoric matches with his actions in the past.  Additional info here.

– Uh oh, not again. Default concerns raised as Congress returns to session. Must raise debt ceiling to avoid it.

Cop beats up family after son allegedly speeds. Never knew guilt by association was a law in Texas.

NAACP President Ben Jealous announces resignation! 

Education Direction

Non-tenured professors seem better to students than tenure or tenure track professors.

The War on Women

-Someone’s jealous. Tucker Carlson has posted up a sexist, idiotic response against the new Crossfire show, specific Stephanie Cutter.

-Saint Mary’s University students are now being punishment after video surfaced of them advocating for rape. Rape culture still thrives. 

– One in ten men in Asia admit to raping a woman according to UN report. Disgusting as 3/4 of them say it was for “sexual entitlement.

– Apparently, over 95% of sexual harassment cases “unfounded.” This just in as well. 100% of sexist rhetoric is, well, sexist.

Planet Earth

– There’s still hope! New study shows that 60 percent of plant life can be saved if we make “17 percent of the planet’s land surface off limits to human contamination could save a huge number of important plant species.” 

-Now for the bad news. Someone “stole” 20,000 gallons of water from an elementary school in California. Drought is the reason why it was stolen.

Mixed Bag

– “Batman” saves a cat. It still fits the comics too. Coincidence? I think not.

-The “Unofficial Goldman Sachs Guide to Being a Man.

Break Time

I’m Alive

Photo by NS Newsflash under a Creative Commons license.

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