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Syria Mashup: Bumble F*cking, French Faux Pas, and Putin’s Checkmate

Seriously, pups, this is the best of all outcomes on Syria that has yet materialized…!

Not only is Obama, and the Administration, afforded a face-saving means to not launch an “unbelievably small and extremely limited” war on Syria, but, they even managed ‘Bumble-F*cking’ their way In and Out of Syria…!

In all seriousness, it truly behooved Obama to step down from the brink of virtual World War…! The Russians have already put in place a significant naval prescence in the Eastern Med…! Russian Warships in Offensive Arrangement for Syrian War…!

Some very cogent analysis…

Role of the Russian Navy

The Russian naval task force off the coast of Syria is a pretty big one, and it includes some very powerful ships, such as the Moskva class guided missile cruisers, whose main function is to sink aircraft carriers. Except that the Russians never had any intention of sinking anybody, much less so a US carrier. While clearly this task was designed with several possible contingencies in mind, I would argue that one of its most important tasks was to protect a ship with no firepower at all: the Priazov’ye intelligence collection ship.

And don’t let the “medium” descriptor fool you as it only refers to the physical size. This ship is packed with advanced electronic and communication intelligence gear (including special electronic intelligence equipment “Profil`-M”, “Rotor-S”, “Prokhlada”, “Vizir”, “Konus”, “Zarya-1”, sonar MG-349 «Uzh», MGP-303). Combined with the extremely powerful radars and anti-air capabilities of the rest of the Russian naval task force the electronics onboad the Priazovie made it impossible to strike Syria with any degree of tactical surprise. These considerations, in turn, must have counted as an important element in Obama’s decision to accept Putin’s “Russian Gambit”. Exactly has I had predicted, while the entire world was focused on whether the Russians had or had not delivered all, or part, of the S-300s to Syria, the Russians came up with a totally different move which took the world by surprise.

Saving Obama’s sorry face:

Anybody who has seen the video of Kerry running his mouth about Assad giving up all of his chemical weapons before the end of the way even though this was, quite Kerry, “impossible” will see this was not a planned statement but just Kerry thinking out loud. So why are the Russians now eagerly confirming that yes, indeed, this option had been discussed with Obama in Saint Petersburg? Because Putin, Lavrov & Co are hyper-pragmatists. They don’t want to humiliate these idiots Obama and Kerry and they are quite happy to give them a face-saving way out, as long as that contributes to the Russian objective for Syria. This is what the State Department first said that Kerry statement was ‘rhetorical’ – even they had no clue. And is it not fitting that one thoughtless statement by a US politician almost started a war (Obama’s “red line”) while another, no less thoughtless statement by another US politicians (Kerry’s “give up all weapons in a week”) prevented it? Karma is beautiful!

Btw, Assad did recently test out the UK/US/Nato Air Defences…!

Now, if you look at the French proposal to the UNSC, you can understand why the Russians were quick to expose that French foreign faux pas…!

Let me point out what Putin had to say… Putin: Syria chemical arms handover will work only if US calls off strike…!

And, Syria agrees to Russia weapons plan to ‘uproot US aggression’…!


So, will Saner minds and wits prevail…? *gah*

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