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Obama Caves.

I just watched Obama’s address to the nation live. Full disclosure: we combined it with a drinking game. Fortunately, I only got a few catch phrases right and thus had to take shots. Weapons of mass destruction, tyranny, dictator, children, middle class. Which put me at my posting limit.

Thank goodness I didn’t think of the reference to American Exceptionalism.

Anyway, while Obama did his best to look tough, and yet unlike the unabashed warmonger that he actually is, he DID leave the door open to a diplomatic solution in Syria. He’s clearly accepted the Russian initiative to let the Assad regime turn over its chemical weapons stockpile to the United Nations.

Without American military intervention.

There’s a solid, real chance that we won’t be sucked into yet another imperial war in Southwestern Asia.

So. Here’s a toast. To all of us, to all of We The People who flooded the White House and Congress with phone calls, emails, tweets, and old-fashioned snail mail saying that no way, no how, did we want another freaking war. To the British people, who did the same to pressure Parliament into voting Hell No! To the Germans, who did the same to Angela Merkel. To the French, who reminded Hollande that they can still build guillotines if they get sufficiently pissed.

And to my honorary uncle, Vladimir Putin(I’ve called Russian leaders “uncle” since Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev, who were always at least reliable enough not to do anything to nuke themselves and me with them) for seizing the opportunity to box Barack Obama and his warmongering Fascist, profiteering cheerleaders into a corner where they HAD to back down from a positively insane war. Well-played, Uncle Vlad. Well-played.

Even if you are an ex-KGB SOB. At least you’re rational.

And even to you, Barack Obama, for knowing when you are checkmated, and when to concede the game, you (multiple expletives deleted.)

NOTHING is worth risking a war between America and Russia. Nothing. Ever. Thank you for at least figuring that one out, Mr. President. Or did your military chiefs make the point?

It does not matter. Thanks, anyway. Let’s give peace a chance and, as for you Barack, please prepare to go quietly into the night in January, 2017, and be thankful that your, and my, children are still alive.

You bastard.

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Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian