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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning!

Brown Dwatf star

A brown dwarf. Not to be confused with Red Dwarf, which has a Cat.

Well, it was a very busy weekend for me so this is going to be somewhat short. The stepson decided to slice his finger open and earn 5 stitches which took up most of my free time. *sigh*

Been reading lots of bad news about Fukushima? Well, it shouldn’t be news to anyone here but is seems to be finally making the MSM take notice. Here’s a catalog of the misconceptions that Japan’s PM used to get that Olympic bid. I think this Olympics will end up being moved.

This super earth has water. I remember as a child, the debate was IF there were planets around other stars. Then the debate changed to how many other stars have planets. Then it changed to how many other stars have earth like planets. The answers appear to be yes,lots,lots. Now the question is life and soon the questions will be intelligent life.

Do you know what a brown dwarf is? It’s a mass of hydrogen too small to ignite into fusion, but just barely.  Typically considered to have a mass of about 11x Jupiter. Here’s the latest.

Using DNA to make a transistor!.

Still trying to find the tipping point for arctic methane. I think we’re pretty close to it, if we aren’t already past it. Read many stories from this summer about methane bubbling up from seabed.

Do feeble tentacles actually benefit squid when hunting? The theory is that these tentacles are fishing lures, as opposed to grasping tentacles.

What the heck is this?

Boxturtle (Man, I don’t even have time to find a photo. Enjoy anyway!)

Public domain photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

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