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How Are “Unbelievably Small” Strikes Going to Serve as a Deterrent?

Apparently the message the Obama administration wants to send the world is: don’t use chemical weapons or you may face an “unbelievably small” strike by the United States. This is basically Obama’s grand plan to stop the spread of chemical weapons around the world.

Secretary of State John Kerry said any strike on Syria will be “unbelievably small.” So in the future we expect dictators and rebel groups involved desperate struggle for survival won’t use chemical weapons because that will risk an “unbelievably small” retaliation by America.

I can see the conversation between top generals in a war zone. “Don’t use that weapon even if it can turn this war in our favor and save our lives. The Americans might eventually do something unbelievably small to punish us if we do.”

This is not a deterrent, this is a joke.

Obama’s plan in Syria makes no logical sense. He wants to get involved, but not involved enough to actually achieve anything. Attacking Syria is not in our national interest. Obama’s only stated goal for starting a war is to discourage the use of chemical weapons, but what he is planning to do won’t even achieve that goal. Even if you support Obama’s goal in Syria you should be horrified by the total lack of a real plan to achieve it.

Obama is pushing to do something just to say he did something.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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