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Bernadette, they need your lips.


“Cause, I guess the presididn’t’s, Jay Carney’s, and John Kerry’s are all flapped out.   

“It doesn’t surprise us that someone who would kill thousands of his own people, including hundreds of children with poison gas, would also lie about it,” said spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan.

Who’s this “us” you’re talking about Bernadette?

Here’s the “us” I’m talking about:

It doesn’t surprise US that a government Military Industrial Congressional Cabal that

* had a sock puppet actually come out and utter this inane, Kafkaesque statement : ”It’s not around the question of whether the Syrian regime is responsible, it’s about the question of what is the appropriate response.”

*spies on its own people

*refers to them as the enemy

*pays contractors they can’t control/regulate/understand to design, manage and implement software and hardware that monitors, stores and categorizes virtually everyone’s on-line behavior

*blatantly commits perjury about spying on its own people in broad daylight before congress after swearing an oath to tell the truth

*refuses to prosecute its own war criminals

*asserts the right to and exercises the practice of holding people indefinitely without charge, or trial in solitary confinement and straps them down and stuffs tubes up their noses to keep them from embarrassing a selectively impotent Commander in Chief Presididn’t

* intimidates /drives to suicide /punishes/incarcerates before trial, and prosecutes  every whistleblower that calls attention to its criminal and immoral behavior

* has the unmitigated gall to define journalism as getting paid to write

*threatens journalists/whistleblowers with the charge of “aiding the enemy” for exposing the way the MICC actually works

*openly allocates tax-payer money for propaganda

*on a daily basis antagonizes and murders people in distant countries via drones

*is itself, infested with members who profit from war

*has expressed its intent to attack and destabilize 7 specific Middle Eastern Countries of which Syria is 2 on the list

* has throughout its history, invaded, occupied, terrorized, covertly manipulated and harassed many other nations to suit certain corporate interests

*supports with great favor, militarily, economically, and politically,

 the very nation who bombed Syria last May and several times prior to that, and that is also is ready at the drop of a hat to strike Iran

*arms and supports the very entities that hate it

*and oh man, I almost forgot the best one of all: Lied about the last business opportunity, invasion, occupation, kinetic military action, diplomatic message, shit, just call it what the fuck it is – war

about needing to go to war, or
a justification for it.

Nope, it wouldn’t surprise US at all that our very own government military industrial congressional cabal would LIE. again.

And one more thing, Mr. Presididn’t, Secretary Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein , et al. stop pretending to be representatives of the people of this country, when you are obviously just a smoke-screen for the criminals who truly own and run it.

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