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Is this not the baddest ass garden ever?!

So, now that we are on our way through September, how did your garden do this year? I’m going to assume the zucchini was a grand success, but what else topped the basket?

Everybody grows tomatoes, if they grow veggies. What special varieties did you try this year?

Our friend Millineryman is an heirloom tomato aficionado, altho this year sucked weatherwise.

It’s been an odd gardening season this year. It started out nice in the spring, and then some light frost in the middle of May, with a really nasty cold windy Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend.

That ushered in thirteen inches of rain in June, followed by some wicked heat, and a few days of 4 inch rains, and a lot of humidity. We haven’t had a good stretch of dry weather all summer. The spring harvest was good, but I had eggplants before my early tomatoes. I had early tomatoes on my Hawaiian Pineapple tomatoes before the early tomatoes set. These Hawaiian Pineapples are a very late season variety, 93 days for crying out loud and the plant set a tomato in early June. It’s now the start of August and about 15% of my tomatoes haven’t set fruit, and another 15% is just starting. [August 4th]

But the bright spot for him were the Golden Milano plum tomatoes —oops! wrong link, although they are a hybrid, not technically an heirloom. I once grew a pot full of plum tomatoes (prolly Burpee’s) and made us a great batch of sauce.

I prefer flower gardening myself. I came across this lovely flower river via twitter. It looks just like my back yard, except for the flowers part. It is gorgeous landscape design though, apparently part of the Olympic gardens last year in London. Maybe I didn’t watch enough of them, because I didn’t see any TV coverage of Olympic meadows, slideshow.

I know the growing season isn’t over yet, but how did yours grow?

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