An American strike on Syria could very conceivably be the shot that is heard around the world. It could lead to a Third World War involving the most important players and economies on the world stage.

Below are just a few of the facts that point to such a possibility.

Russia’s only international military base outside the former Soviet republic is the port of Tartus, Syria. It’s warships entered the Eastern Mediterranean for the first time in decades recently and it is sending more ships plus advanced weaponry to Syria, as we speak. Syria already has the most sophisticated anti ship missiles on earth which can reach Cyprus where US forces are likely to be stationed and any strike on Syria will be conducted from the sea.

Iran, a nation which the US has sought to make war with for a decade has a mutual defense pact with Syria, which places them in a position of having to defend Syria by treaty obligation.

Iran is sitting on the second largest Natural Gas and the third largest oil reserves in the world.
It controls 35% of the oil provided to the entire world and more than half of the amount is provided to China through the Hormuz Strait, the world’s single most important geostrategic pathway for energy.

Iran refuses US currency for it’s oil trading, a direct blow to American hegemony. Dominating Iran is also seen by American war hawks as a way to control China based on the reasons stated above. These are transparently the real causes for American aggression towards Iran, a signatory to the nuclear non proliferation treaty with every right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Since the nuclear red herring isn’t gaining traction, a war with Syria is seen as the next best thing.

China is the world’s second largest importer of oil. Perhaps as much as half of China’s oil and gas come directly from Iran and this action, if taken by the US, is the backdoor to a war with Iran, make no mistake.

A small disruption in Mid East oil passing through the tiny opening known as the Straits of Hormuz and the effects on the worlds economy will be unmistakable. Between that fact and the obvious Russian and the Chinese elements involved in a conflict with Syria, this could be the riskiest gambit any administration has taken since Hitler invaded Poland.

Meanwhile, if you are an American, the country you are living in spends as much as the entire planet combined on it’s military and has it’s entire population under surveillance. Your government is controlled entirely by corporate money. More than nine out of every ten elections are decided by which candidate has the most corporate money, which means unequivocally that as a point of fact the US in no longer either a functioning democracy or a representative government where it’s citizens can reasonably expect to affect the outcome through participation. The nation’s government assassinates it’s own people in secret without any due process and claims the right to arrest and hold those people or anyone else indefinitely without ever charging them. It is currently operating military operations in at least seventy four other countries, often without those nations blessings.

Wondering what it felt like to be German before the Second World War ?