I blatantly stole the title from Glen Ford at the Black Agenda Report. Told him I was going to do it, too. Hope he doesn’t mind.

Anyway, this is a great article, and well worth the under-3 minutes it will take for you to read it.  Basically, Ford lays out the case that Obama has no choice but to intervene in Syria because events triggered by the Arab Spring, which started a few years ago and is still ongoing, have gone beyond the control of the American Empire.  From the article:

With obscene imperial arrogance, President Obama proclaimed that the “world” – not he – has drawn a bloody “red line” in Syria. “I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama, at a stop in Sweden on his way to a Group of 20 nations meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. “The world set a red line.””

And: “That’s news to the rest of the planet.

And: “A new Reuters poll shows 56 percent of the American public oppose U.S. intervention in Syria, with only 19 percent backing Obama. The First Black U.S. President, who was hired (by corporate sponsors, and later elected) to put a new face on U.S. imperial policy after his predecessor’s defeat and international isolation over Iraq, now finds himself more alone in the world than George Bush, and with even less support at home.”

And: “The goal was to transform the character of the Arab Spring into a battle against secular socialist regimes in Tripoli and Damascus, along with a general Sunni jihad against heretical Shiites of one sect or another. The mission was to remove those states whose very existence threatened the monarchies while at the same time diverting the masses’ energies into sectarianism. (All of which is fine with Israel, whose strategy since its founding has been to foster chaos and division in the Arab world.)”

And the conclusion, in my own words, that no matter what happens, the American Empire will lose most, if not all, of its influence in the Arab world, because they HATE us, because we constantly mess with them, and constantly exploit them for American corporate profits. The Arabs are getting sick of this, you see. They’ve had enough. Most of them are probably willing to let Israel be so long as they can live decent lives and there is SOME justice done for their Palestinian brethren.

But, and this isn’t Glen Ford, it’s just me, the Arabs have been manipulated, bribed(a few of them), twisted, intimidated, and sometimes out and out conquered, by Western powers for over 200 years in some spots. Western interests and, more recently, corporations, have extracted their oil wealth in order to make LOTS of money on the stock exchanges, have really nice and comfortable boardrooms, and second homes and yachts and stuff for the Chosen People, and I don’t mean Jews, I mean capitalists.

Whenever an Arab country, under whatever kind of leadership, rises up and defies the Western imperial powers, it’s smashed flat with overwhelming military force. For that matter, whatever Iranian leadership that does something similar usually meets the same fate, or at least a CIA-backed coup. Iranians speak an Indo-European language, BTW, they’re NOT Arab. Don’t believe me? Just ask any Arab or Iranian; they’ll tell you. Anyway, the Iran since 1979, warts and all, has so far defied Western imperial interests. That’s gotta be at least somewhat inspiring to their Muslim, of whatever stripe, Arab brothers and sisters.

The Egyptians have decided, whatever the cost in the long run, to reclaim their ancient heritage and run their own affairs. There’s some big disputes there on how exactly that should be done, but I think it’s safe to say that most Egyptians don’t want to be dictated to by American or European imperial interests. They’ve had enough that shit.

And so have I.  Let the Arabs determine their own fate. Let the Israelis work out, if they can, some modus vivendi with their own Arab population and their Arab neighbors.

It’s none of my business. It’s none of your business, unless you actually live over there. It’s none of America’s business.

America needs to Get. The F. Out.

Solar power. Fusion power. Screw the oil companies. That is the way. The only way.

Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian