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The Presidential Press Conference You Will Never See

Obama bears witness to Deep State control of the country.

In a stunning press conference Friday at noon on the White House steps, President Obama revealed that his administration has been under the secret control of powerful economic interests within the clandestine National Security Agency. The President asserted that the move towards armed conflict with Syria is a ploy by these secretive powers to move closer to open conflict with Iran, and the wealth of public contracts the defense industry would consequently garner. He further briefed the American people that he was made aware of the “government” within the US government just prior to taking office in 2008, when he was advised to keep a single payer health care system “off the table” in the negotiations with Congress leading up to the Affordable Care Act, lest he suffer public embarrassment for some indiscretions he had committed as a younger man. He revealed that he had been advised at that time, that if he “cooperated” with these interests, he would be rewarded financially upon leaving office.


The President detailed how the interests of the defense and finance industries has priority status within the parallel government that is now ruling the country. He further described the neoconservative and neoliberal approach to government and world view as a smoke screen designed to lead governments of the world into conflicts that would change very little in the actual way our world governments function, but entail vast profits for private corporations through public expenditures be they for military activism or harnessing public funds for other corporate clients. He described the problem as one of cause and effect, as those people within the clandestine spy agency used their power to spy on, and consequently blackmail elected officials into performing like “puppets” for the benefit of various companies. In return, these “public servants” are rewarded with lucrative positions within these corporations upon leaving public employment.



The rewards are passed on to those elected officials who serve these interests faithfully while holding public office when they leave. Obama cited President and Hillary Clinton who deregulated the banking industry by the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and furthered that deregulation with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which excused financial derivatives from regulation, and ultimately led to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The Clintons were worth around $1M when he was elected to office in 1994. With a current net worth of around $80M, largely from speaking fees, and a book advance after leaving public office. President Obama noted that with a speaking fee that averages $200k per speech, not many of the “small folk” have been privy to his pearls of wisdom, and suggested the American people use their imaginations as to who can afford to pay those kinds of speaker fees for a 45 minute speech. “It’s not your local VFW, if you know what I mean”.   Obama went on to detail how President George W. Bush, while serving those interests faithfully while in office, had left on such a disgraced note from the Iraq War and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, that he has not been able to garner the support that the Financial sector has bestowed on Clinton’s post-presidency. The President further noted that his disclosures on this day, which were largely fallout from the revelations of Edward Snowden on the security state spying on Americans, would likely curb his own earning potential following his presidency. “That’s OK”, he said. “Like Ed Snowden I thought that my time had come to stand up, and try and defend what little remains of our democracy”.



The president also said that the trade agreements, (TPP and TTIP), currently being written by industry insiders are part of the secret government’s agenda to transfer power and wealth from the citizens of sovereign nations to the largest corporations in the world, with a particular emphasis on lending a helping hand to the Finance/FIRE sector.



In a related story, General Keith Alexander, and James Clapper of the NSA could not be reached for comment. Theories are circulating that they are secreted in a NORAD bunker somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, where they are continuing to pull the strings of government officials under their sway.



President Obama closed his press conference in which he appeared behind bullet proof shielding, and wearing a kevlar vest with this statement: “One of the problems with having a portion of our government that is virtually hidden from oversight, and exempt from control, and is privy to all the secrets in the world such as the National Security Agency, is that you never can or will know what is happening in the public sphere, nor what the real reasons are for whatever it is.” The President is said to be in hiding at present, much as President George W. Bush was following the WTC attacks in 2001. His press secretary, Jay Carney, said the president would have more to add once he felt the immediate danger to himself and his family had passed.




Active imagination?  Or inevitability?


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