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Finally, the Implosion of the Obama Mythos is Obvious to Nearly Everybody

If there’s one good thing that has come about due to the revelations of Edward Snowden and Obama’s pell-mell rush for military intervention in Syria, it is that the Obama mythos has permanently imploded for what I feel to be the majority of Americans.  Let me explain what I mean by the Obama mythos first.

Obama and his political handlers have tried unceasingly to portray him as this brilliant, compassionate, and yet pragmatic guy who really, REALLY wants to play well with others and be the ultimate inclusive President for All Americans, if not for the entire planet. And anybody who doesn’t understand that, well, is either racist or just plain stupid. I will now list a few examples of this framing.

His inaugural prayer is given by a known homophobic preacher; well, he’s just trying to be inclusive. He refuses to prosecute the war criminals of the outgoing Bush Administration or the kleptocratic banksters who wrecked the economy and then still made a mint off of the rest of us; well, he’s being practical. He wants to look forward, not backward, you see. There’s too much real and urgent work to be done.

He wants to get health care reform passed first, before doing anything about millions of Americans losing their jobs and their homes. Well, if you get the cost of health care off the backs of employers first, then they’ll hire more people. He’s being pragmatic!

The public option is off the table. Well, he didn’t have the votes for it. But he didn’t even TRY! Well, you ignorant idiot, Obama’s not STUPID. He’s not a dictator! He doesn’t have a magic wand! He has to face the political realities; the votes just aren’t there. If you can’t understand that, you’re a fucking retard. He didn’t even bring up card-check legislation to make it easier for workers to get collective bargaining agreements; again, the votes weren’t there, you fucking MORAN(sic).  What did you expect, a pony?

And, if all else fails, President Obama is playing umpti-dimensional chess. He’s far more intelligent that that freakazoid-looking Vulcan-Human hybrid on old Star Trek. He’s so brilliant, he’s letting his political opponents hoist themselves upon their own Picards.

Sorry. Bad pun intended. Petards.

And if you don’t understand this, well, you’re enabling the Big Bad Rethuglicans and, and, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and, and you’re full of shit. Go back to your basement, you freakin’ trolls!

But Obama appears to be all for the NSA spying on the American people. Did even Bush go that far? No, the Obamabots shout, you’re a traitor! You’re a freakin’ Paultard Libertarian Republican enabler. SHUT UP!!!

List over.

There’s just a couple of really, REALLY big and obvious problems with that way of thinking. First, even before he was elected in 2008, Obama came out full-bore for bailing out the Lords of Wall Street, who include Jamie Dimon. At our expense. Second, he has recently shown just how hard he will REALLY try to obtain something he REALLY wants, whether the votes are there or not.

Obama wants his own little war in Syria. He wants it really, really bad. He’s practically holding his breath. He’s sent his toadies(can you say “Ribbit,” John Kerry?”) out to throw tantrums until they get what HE really wants–another imperial war. To save his credibility, you see.

The only problem is, The. Votes. Aren’t. There. There’s no there there. Chances are Congressional approval of military intervention in Syria just ain’t gonna happen. Look at Jane Hamsher’s whip list. It takes 217 votes to get something passed in the House of Representatives. More votes than that are already “lean no” or “hell, no” for authorizing an attack on the Assad regime.  Democrats and Republicans alike. Not to mention a positively HUGE majority of the American people.

So what does Obama actually DO? He trots out his own drones to say he doesn’t need Congressional approval but, just to show how smart he is and how much he wants to play well with others, he’ll let them vote on it. And then do whatever the hell he wants to do anyway.

IOW, Obama pushes really hard, votes or not in Congress, to get what he REALLY wants.

He didn’t do that for the public option. He didn’t do that for card-check legislation. He didn’t do that to bail out homeowners. He didn’t do that for any sort of meaningful jobs creation program. He didn’t do that to “re-examine” trade deals like NAFTA(in fact, he’s pushed for a far worse one, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in secret). Hell, he fought harder to keep his freaking Blackberry than he did for any of the above. Because he really wanted that Blackberry.

And he really, REALLY wants this military intervention in Syria. Damn the torpedos! Damn the deficit! Full speed ahead!

This sort of behavior is neither inclusive, nor compassionate, nor brilliant, nor nor even pragmatic. This sort of behavior is the equivalent of a two year old in a store who want that new toy NOW! As any parent knows.

Obama has become obvious. He’s just another spoiled scion of the ruling class. He’s a spoiled brat.

He really needs to be spanked, preferably with a belt. And to hell with all of you anti-corporal punishment people who’ve never had kids of your own. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Regardless of what you think of that last statement, one thing is obvious: Emperor Barack I has no clothes. In some ways, just like his predecessor, Emperor George II, he’s kind of pathetic. And dangerous. Where are the freaking ADULTS, anyway?

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