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Walmart Workers Set to Strike Over Minimum Wage and Crap Working Conditions in 15 US Cities

They seem to mean today…

A companion piece is at the Guardian.  It’s a surprise to me; I’d just checked in with, and hadn’t seen anything new posted for ages.  This action still isn’t posted yet.  But cool, the Rabble is starting to get active, and the Overlords won’t like that much.

Sorry, but I doubt I’ll be able to host the thread, as real life is sincerely busy for me right now.  But applaud these workers who are beginning to understand that they can stand up and make demands on the Plutocrats.  Feel free to bring any information about how much the members of the Walton family are worth, and how much profit they made last year on the backs of the working poor.

If you see some strikers, consider taking some time to stand with them in solidarity, maybe buy them some refreshments.

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