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Senate Committee Also Backed Regime Change In Syria

Well that was fast mission creep. In an apparent attempt to appease Senator John McCain, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee included a regime change provision in the resolution authorizing President Obama to start a war with Syria.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution Wednesday saying a goal of U.S. policy will be to “change the momentum on the battlefield” in Syria’s civil war and speed a negotiated removal of Mr. Assad. The measure would ban the use of ground forces in Syria “for the purpose of combat operations” and sets a 60-day limit for Mr. Obama to launch strikes. It includes a possible 30-day extension if Mr. Obama determined that was needed to meet the resolution’s goals.

What happened to just striking at chemical weapons capacity? So instead of just protecting Al Qaeda, now we want them to win?

This comes as Syrian rebels continue to engage in horrendous human rights abuses – as a recently smuggled out video demonstrates. The video shows the rebels brutally executing 7 captured Syrian soldiers.

The moment the poem ended, the commander, known as “the Uncle,” fired a bullet into the back of the first prisoner’s head. His gunmen followed suit, promptly killing all the men at their feet.

This scene, documented in a video smuggled out of Syria a few days ago by a former rebel who grew disgusted by the killings, offers a dark insight into how many rebels have adopted some of the same brutal and ruthless tactics as the regime they are trying to overthrow.

Not exactly the kind of people you want in charge nor the kind that wouldn’t use chemical weapons themselves.

But now the Senate has just passed a resolution calling to do just that by overthrowing Assad. The American people oppose “limited and tailored” strikes let alone regime change. The only hope left is to kill the bill and see the will of the people done may be in the House.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.