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But there’s consent

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Apparently we require the “wisdom” of Richard Cohen, America’s Concern Troll, to determine whether things get too rapey. So this one is a conundrum, can a country be physically abused if the government consents? Probably not.

A project that would use cyanide to mine gold and silver has prompted thousands of Romanians to protest.
The planned mine, near the small town of Rosia Montana would be Europe’s largest open-pit mine. Its four pits are estimated to total more than 8 kilometres in diameter and would be visible from space.

The government last week approved a draft law that would allow the project to move forward if passed by parliament. The $7.5-billion project is controlled by a Canadian company, with Romania’s government holding a 25 per cent stake…

“Four pits” means the destruction of four mountains by the way. The area is also full of historical ruins from the Roman Imperial period — oh and people, lots of people who will get jobs of some modest quality in exchange for working or living near an environmental ruin offset by the copious application of cyanide.

Sounds like a real thought-out plan.

How are the Koch brothers not involved?

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