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Congressional Vote on Syria Whip List, Tuesday September 3

Below is the updated table of Members of Congress’ voting positions on Syria.

The White House is in a bit of a pickle — President Obama feels he needs the support of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to get House Republicans on board, and he may be right. However, McCain and Graham want regime change and a number of Democratic AND Republican votes appear to be contingent upon the language of the authorization being limited to airstrikes and preventing boots on the ground.

It’s worth noting that many of today’s quotes came after members of Congress had been briefed and did not find the evidence compelling.

Syria War Vote Count Tuesday, September 3 2013

Democrats Republicans Total
Firm Nay 13 28 41
Firm Yea 15 7 22
Leaning Nay 37 55 92
Leaning Yea 21 6 27

I’ll continue to update the chart throughout the day. Please let me know if you find quotes from any member of Congress who isn’t listed that indicates where they stand, or if you think I’ve assigned someone to a category where they don’t belong.

UPDATE 12 noon EST:  House GOP leadership is now on board.  Both Boehner and Cantor have come out for airstrikes in Syria.


  • Firm Nay:  Sean Duffy (R-WI)
  • Lean Yea: Tim Boship (D-NY)
  • Lean Nay: Joe Barton (R-TX), Rob Biship (R-UT), Diane BLack (R-TN), Ron Barber (D-AZ), William Enyat (D-IL)


Name State Party Yes Lean Yes Lean No No Publication Quote
Aderholt, Robert AL R X Washington Post Rep. Robert B. Aderholt (R-Ala.) was especially sharp, saying that Obama’s speech “leaves many questions, such as who exactly are the ‘good guys’ in this conflict? And how is American involvement not the fuel for the fire the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist are trying to ignite throughout the region? Cruise missiles are not a strategy. The president by now should see that foreign policy is far more complex than that.”
Amash, Justin MI R X Lansing State Journal Obama “hasn’t come close to justifying war in Syria, and I know few members of Congress who support an attack on Syria based on the current reasoning of the administration.”
Andrews, Rob NJ D X North Rep. Rob Andrews, a Democrat from Camden County, said he was “very skeptical that we should involve our troops in the middle of anyone’s civil war.”
Bachmann, Michelle MN R X CBS “Democrats Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan are joining Republican Michele Bachmann to oppose any military action.”
Barr, Andy KY R X WTVQ Barr says right now, he would not authorize a strike on Syria.
Becerra, Xavier CA D X Buzzfeed “I myself have questions about any authorization for the use of force that goes beyond discreet task of sending a strong message that the use of chemical weapons is against not only international law but all moral authority on this planet,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, the chairman of the Democratic caucus.
Benishek, Dan MI R X Statement “Frankly, I don’t think we need to get involved in another war in the Middle East,” said Dr. Benishek, a general surgeon from Iron River.
Bentivolio, Kerry MI R X Observer & Eccentric Prior to President Obama’s announcement Saturday that he will seek approval from Congress to strike Syria, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio said he was opposed to getting the military involved – even if it meant saying no to the president.
Bera, Ami CA D X KCRA “Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, released a statement saying there was “overwhelming evidence” that Syria’s military used chemical weapons on civilians, and adding, “A failure to respond will only encourage Assad to increase the use of chemical and biological weapons and sets a dangerous precedent.”
Blackburn, Marsha TN R X Tennessean Blackburn, R-Brentwood, who represents Fort Campbell, said she would vote against an attack if the vote were held today.
Boustany, Charles LA R X Shreveport Times “The military action is not an end in itself,’’ Boustany said Friday. “It is not something that you just simply do to supposedly punish another country. There has to be a clear articulation of end goals with this, and a full understanding of what other potential adverse responses could occur as a result of any action we take.” Boustany also said he’s been frustrated by the lack of information about what happened in Syria.
Braley , Bruce IA D X Politico Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) said a U.S. response is “appropriate” but only with congressional approval.
Brown, Corrine FL D X Democratic U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown says she was on conference calls all day Monday and hopes to have a briefing about Syria when she returns to Washington, but she is prepared to back the president.
Buchanan, Vern FL R X Herald Tribune U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, has also expressed reservations about military action in Syria. “I would ask the president to spell out the specific objective of a military strike and why this is vital to our security,” Buchanan said.
Bucshon, Larry IN R X WIBC Bucshon says the White House forfeited any deterrent value by waiting so long after the gas attack on Syrian civilians. He says the Assad regime has had time to move any chemical weapons out of harm’s way, and says a retaliatory strike now doesn’t advance American interests.
Burgess , Michael TX R X USA Today Burgess said he would continue to consider the resolution, but at this point “I’m a ‘no’.”
Bustos , Cheri MI D X Northern Public Radio “I’m open to weighing courses of action with a clear purpose and defined end goals.”
Capito , Shelly Moore WV R X WV Metro News As of Friday, Capito said she was opposed to such actions and would continue to maintain that stand unless convinced otherwise by supporting intelligence information.
Capuano , Mike MA D X NECN “Massachusetts Congressman Mike Capuano went further, saying if he had to vote today, he would vote no.”
Carney, John DE D X Washington Post Rep. John Carney says he supports Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval but is “extremely wary” of another overseas conflict
Castor , Kathy FL D X Tampa “Without a direct threat to the national security of the United States, I oppose an overt military strike against Syria,” U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, wrote in a letter to Obama.
Castro , Joaquin TX D X My San Antonio U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro said Thursday he would support American airstrikes on Syria but opposes sending troops there.
Chabot , Steve OH R X Port Clinton News Herald Chabot said the U.S. had a ‘moral imperative’ to remove Assad from power and had chastised the Obama administration for not acting more aggressively to oust him.
Chaffetz , Jason UT R X Politico Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican… thinks that if the president wants to engage in Syria — and Chaffetz is not convinced that’s in America’s interests — he should be looking at more robust military options that the limited strikes he and his team have suggested.
Cicilline , David RI D X WPRI “It’s important to recognize we have tremendous challenges in our country,” said Cicilline. “A lot of very urgent issues we need to confront here in America. It will take a lot to persuade me that it is in our national security interest to engage in this strike.”
Cleaver , Emanuel MO D X Tennesseen I’d vote no today on Syria.”
Coffman , Mike CO R X WPRI “I will support the president should he conduct a limited strike on Syria in order to deter (Syrian President) Assad from further use of chemical weapons, but I would not support involvement beyond that because this is an intractable sectarian struggle,” Coffman said.
Cohen , Steve TN D X WREG U.S. Congressman, Democrat, Steve Cohen doesn’t take going to war with Syria lightly. “I’m war weary. We spent too much money in Afghanistan and didn’t get anything out of it,” said Cohen.
Cole , Tom OK R X USA Today “I’m still leaning ‘no’”
Connolly , Gerry VA D X WAMU “I think we have to be reassured that our response is reasonable, will have a likelihood of a desired effect, and will be limited but significant enough to deter the Syrian regime from ever doing this again,” Connolly says.
Cooper , Jim TN D X Tennessean On Thursday, the Nashville Democrat said he was “extremely leery” of any U.S. involvement in Syria and doubted airstrikes would help.On Saturday, he sounded like he could be open to persuasion.
Cotton , Tom AR R X The Republic Rep. Tom Cotton says he’s worried a rejection of the request would weaken the presidency in the eyes of the world.
Courtney , Joe CT D X Hartford Courant “If you read the draft resolution the president sent over, it’s totally open-ended. … There is no restriction on the type of force,” Courtney said after the briefing.
Crawford , Rick AR R X Twitter I continue to believe its imperative for Administration to explore & pursue alternatives to immediate unilateral military action.
Culberson , John TX R X Statement Involvement in Syria would be a far worse disaster than Libya and will cost American lives to no good end. We should focus on protecting our oldest ally in the region, Israel.
Cummings , Elijah MD D X CBS Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said Sunday that he has not decided how to vote on the proposed military action in Syria, but he worries that a vote against the resolution might strengthen Syrian President Bashar al Assad.
Denham , Jeff CA R X KCRA ”I am extremely reluctant to see our nation become involved in such a complex and uncertain conflict without further debate and discussion in Congress.”
DesJarlais , Scott TN R X “I walked away [from Sunday’s briefing] with the same opinion that we don’t need to get involved in Syria at this point…I don’t think the case has been made conclusively.”
Deutch , Ted FL D X Twitter “I stand behind @BarackObama’s call for Congressional authorization and targeted and limited military response to Assad’s atrocities”
Diaz-Balart , Mario FL R X Miami Herald “While I would like to wholeheartedly support our Commander-in-Chief in the event of military action in Syria, any use of force must be purposeful, overwhelming, and in furtherance of specifically enumerated national security interests. Unfortunately, the President has failed to provide a coherent policy on Syria to date.”
Doggett , Lloyd TX D X KXAN “Unless the president can provide a compelling case for his strategy, I am inclined to vote against the use of U.S. military force in Syria.”
Doyle , Mike PA D X Trib “Doyle, who did not support the Iraq War, said he has a ‘high bar’ for military intervention but ‘will keep an open mind’ when Congress is briefed.’ Are we going it alone or will we be acting in concert with other countries?’ he said.”
Duckworth , Tammy IL D X Statement In the days ahead I will be seeking more information from our military and intelligence communities. But until I feel it’s imperative to our national security, I will not support preemptive intervention in Syria.
Duncan , John TN R X WATE As some government leaders in Washington are pressuring President Obama to order an attack, Duncan says any strike by the U.S. military would be a mistake. “We don’t need to be getting involved in a civil war in Syria. We don’t have a vital national interest there,” said Duncan.
Ellison , Keith MN D X CBS “Democrat Keith Ellison says he supports a limited, tactical military response to chemical warfare.”
Engel , Eliot NY D X Politico “New York Rep. Eliot Engel said he “was convinced” by the evidence presented during Thursday’s White House briefing call that the United States should take military action in Syria.
Farr , Sam CA D X Statement I remain opposed to any military involvement in Syria. Without the full support of our allies and a firm case that our national security is at risk, I cannot in good conscious vote now to commit our troops to war.”
Fleming , John LA R X Shreveport Times Fleming added that, “since I don’t anticipate information to be disclosed showing that our national interest is at stake, or that there is any specific goal or outcome planned or outlined, I will likely vote against such a resolution.”
Flores , Bill TX R X KXAN “Unless the president can provide a compelling case for his strategy, I am inclined to vote against the use of U.S. military force in Syria.”
Forbes , Randy VA R X Email “I cannot support any action that could potentially lock the United States into a foreign entanglement with no clear objective or readily accessible end goals. We cannot risk losing focus on Iranian threats in the region and we cannot put increased pressure on a military already stretched too thin by this Administration’s reckless defense cuts.”
Fortenberry , Jeff NE R X Statement “The U.S. should not bomb Syrians in the name of stopping violence in Syria,” Fortenberry said. “Quick, unilateral military strikes might satisfy the President’s ‘red line’ rhetoric, but the collateral damage and destabilization risks are too high.”
Foster , Bill IL D X Chicago Tribune He said he and many members expressed an interest Sunday in limiting the scope of the use-of-force authorization President Barack Obama is seeking “to have it more tightly constrained, not be open-ended in time or in scope of military action.”
Frankel , Lois FL D X South Tele town hall: Frankel, who had opposed the war in Iraq and thinks American forces have stayed too long in Afghanistan, said she favors sending humanitarian aid but not troops or “anything else” to Syria.
Garamendi , John CA D X KCRA “(With) what I know now, the answer is no,” said Rep. John Garamendi of Fairfield.”
Garrett , Scott NJ R X North Jersey.Com Rep. Scott Garrett, R-Wantage, said that while he was glad the president had decided to take the issue to Congress, Obama had failed to “convince the American public that it is in the United States’ best interest to intervene militarily in Syria. I side with the American public.”
Gerlach , Jim PA R X Statement I believe the War Powers Act is clear that the President cannot undertake military action unless and until there is an attack on the United States, an imminent threat of an attack on our country and its citizens, or Congress otherwise authorizes military action for a specific purpose. None of those conditions have been met with regard to Syria.“
Gibson , Chris NY R X Facebook “As a 29-year veteran of the United States military with multiple combat tours, it is my judgment that military intervention would make it worse and make us responsible for that conflict. Therefore, I urge a “no” vote on authorization to use military force.”
Grayson , Alan FL D X HuffPost “Nobody wants this except the military-industrial complex”
Griffin , Tim AR R X “It will be an uphill battle for the president to convince me because I think he has handled this entire situation quite poorly,” said Representative Tim Griffin, Republican of Arkansas. “And frankly I am reluctant to give him a license for war when, with all due respect, I have little confidence he knows what he is doing.”
Grijalva , Raul AZ D X KVOA “I’m very reluctant to support the resolution. We’ll wait until after September 8th to see what the resolution says.”
Grimm , Michael NY R X CNN Action in Syria “should really topple the regime, is what it should do.”
Hahn , Janice CA D X CNN [Janice Hahn] said her “big question” was whether there was a way to hold Syria’s government accountable for violating the post-World War I taboo against chemical weapons “besides this seemingly unclear military strike that could lead to much more conflict in the Middle East.”
Hanabusa , Colleen HI D X Statement “[T]he United States must remain cautious and pragmatic in our
response.  Faulty intelligence on WMDs drew us into a bloody struggle in
Iraq. The last decade of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated
what comes of war waged with poor planning. We cannot haphazardly enter
another conflict with a sovereign nation.”
Hartzler , Vicky MO R X News-Leader “I have doubts about the U.S. interests in this matter and strong reservations about the wisdom about carrying out such an attack,” she said.
Hastings , Alcee FL D X Miami Herald “I will review every line [of the classified intelligence report] and then when we vote, if it is as the president says it is, I will vote in favor of authorization.”
Higgins , Brian NY D X Buffalo News “I will not support any American military intervention in Syria. The fact is, Americans are sick of foreign war.”
Himes , Jim CT D X Hartford Courant While Himes has yet to receive a phone call from an administration official seeking his support, he said it “pains” him to oppose Obama on such a key issue. “I’m an admirer of this president,” the congressman said. “But because of his establishment of this red line in June, we find ourselves in a real box right now.”
Holt , Rush NJ D X Statement “The idea of taking intrusive military action before there is good international understanding of the facts is foolish – especially at a time when the experience of Iraq remains so fresh in our minds.”
Hoyer , Steny MD D X Baltimore Sun President Obama has carefully weighed the case for taking action along with our international partners to respond forcefully to the Syrian regime’s deadly and nefarious use of chemical weapons,” he said in a statement Saturday. “Now it is time for Congress, as the representatives of the American people, to do the same.
Huelskamp , Tim KS R X Facebook In recent days I have hosted 14 town halls, and the unanimous opinion of Kansans has been clear: stay out of this quagmire. I agree. I have seen no evidence of an American national interest in this Syrian civil war. Just like his misadventures in Libya in 2011 – which I opposed – President Obama risks American lives, property and prestige by injecting us into Syria.
Huizenga , Bill MI R X MI Live Huizenga has urged caution before proceeding with a strike against Syria.
Hunter , Duncan CA R X Press-Enterprise “If America is to have any immediate role in the removal of Assad, training and arming the opposition should be the extent of U.S. involvement, which is sufficient to show America’s solidarity with friends in the region.”
Israel , Steve NY D X Facebook I am concerned that, unless the international community responds in a unified manner, the Assad regime will be emboldened to widen its use of chemical warfare and further destabilize the region and threaten us. That’s why I believe that, together with our international partners and Syria’s neighbors, a surgical and targeted air strike is needed as long as it is limited to degrading Syria’s chemical weapons capabilities and does not involve U.S. ground forces.
Jenkins , Lynn KS R X Topeka Courier-Journal “I am unconvinced military action against Syria is in our nation’s best interest and I plan to oppose authorization.”
Johnson , Hank GA D X Statement At this time, I am deeply skeptical that use of force is in our national interest.”
Johnson , Bill OH R X Statement I left this afternoon’s briefing with more questions and concerns than I had when I arrived.”
Kelly , Mike PA R X Trib “Obama hasn’t defined a military objective, Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Butler, said.”
King , Peter NY R X Fox News Sunday “I’m hoping by the time next week comes around, and hopefully the President can make his case, that he will be able to get a majority of the House of Representatives.”
Kingston , Jack GA R X AP U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston says he’s leaning against taking military action against Syria, but says there are many questions yet to be answered before a final decision is made.
Kinzinger , Adam IL R X Northern Public Radio 16th District Congressman Adam Kinzinger says if he is asked to go to Washington right away, he would support taking military action. But the Republican says the longer it takes to get approval, the action taken by U.S. forces becomes less effective.
Kuster , Annie NH D X Concord Monitor “This is a clear violation of basic human rights and the international community must hold Assad accountable. With that said, we should not put American troops on the ground.”
Labrador , Raul ID R X Statement President Obama has yet to make a credible case for action in Syria.
Lance , Leonard NJ R X Facebook “I abhor the use of chemical weapons, but I am yet to be convinced that we should take military action.”
Langevin , Jim RI D X WPRI “My concern is if nothing is done, this goes unanswered and encourages other nationals and terrorist group to be able to go ahead and give the green light to use chemical weapons,” Langevin said. “These are the things that are weighing on me.”
Larson , John CT X Hartford Courant “I am not in favor of putting boots on the ground there,” said U.S. Rep. John Larson, who represents the Hartford area.”
Latham , Tom IA R X Des Moines Register “Syria has not declared war on us…Why would we start escalating the crisis? I would be totally against that,” Latham told about 20 people at a town hall meeting at the Atlantic Senior Citizen Center.
Lee , Barbara CA D X SF Bay View I don’t see Syria as an imminent threat. We need to engage in a debate so we can really figure out a way forward.
Lee , Sheila-Jackson TX D X Click2Houston The war in Iraq taught this nation the importance of having accurate and reliable information when deciding whether to use military force and the painful cost in lives and treasure of acting precipitously. But the last decade also showed us the devastation that can be wrought when dangerous weapons find their way into the hands of dangerous people.
Levin , Sander MI D X Lansing State Journal Rep. Sander Levin, of Royal Oak, said that based on the evidence he has seen so far, “I think that there must be a response to the actions by the Syrian government.”
LoBiondo , Frank NJ R X Facebook I continue to have very serious questions about the President’s strategy and our objectives should an intervention be authorized by Congress.
Lofgren , Zoe CA D X Politico “Put me down as a skeptic, but in fairness, I would listen and give the kind of thorough consideration that such a question deserves.”
Lynch , Stephen MA D X Boston Herald Lynch says it’s going to be a tough sell for him and the lawmakers he’s consulted.
Marino , Tom PA R X Sun Gazette “Given the information at hand, I am absolutely opposed to any intervention in Syria at this time. There are too many bad guys on both sides of the conflict and any U.S. involvement would be at odds with our interests in the region,” Marino said. “We have far greater priorities at home and in other nations to embroil our resources or troops in the middle of a conflict with no end in sight.”
Massie , Thomas KY R X Port Clinton News Herald “I am vehemently opposed to U.S. military aggression against Syria.”
Matsui , Doris CA D X KCRA “The evidence is apparent: The Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people in blatant and horrific violation of international law, human rights, and moral decency.”
McClintock , Tom CA R X NPR Traditionally this nation has never attacked another nation unless we were ourselves attacked, or an ally was attacked. And unless those conditions are present, I would be very, very skeptical of declaring war against Syria.
McCollum , Betty MN D X CBS Democrats Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan are joining Republican Michele Bachmann to oppose any military action.
McDermott , Jim WA D X WSJ Mr. McDermott said the vote by the U.K. Parliament against military action had cemented his opposition to U.S. involvement.
McGovern , James MA D X Boston Herald “Is this just to punish Assad or is there a long-term strategy?” asked McGovern. “I think a lot of people feel as I do. This is not necessarily the right way to go.”
McKeon , Buck CA R X Real Clear Politics “Using chemical weapons against innocent civilians is unacceptable,” the California Republican said early this week. “No regime can be allowed to do so with impunity.”
McKinley , David WV R X Metro News First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) said he opposes a military strike against Syria.
Meadows , Mark NC R X Citizen-Times On Syria, Meadows said there is “not a whole lot to gain from a national security standpoint” for the U.S. to intervene. He is not for intervention
Miller , Jeff FL R X North I know the intelligence and intend to vote no on the authorization for military action,” Miller said Sunday.
Miller , Candice MI R X Statement “I opposed American involvement in Libya because I did not believe vital U.S. interests were threatened and I oppose any involvement in Syria for the same reason.”
Moore , Gwen WI D X WHBL Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Gwen Moore say they are backing President Barack Obama’s plans of a military attack on Syria.
Moran , Jim VA D  X Statement “Now it is up to one of the most divisive, least productive Congresses in history to authorize an intervention and protect the credibility and viability of a US response to Assad’s horrific crimes against humanity.”
Murphy , Tim PA R X Trib “I want to know why this circumstance is different. I also want to know what plan, if any, exists to deal with potential retaliation from United States military strikes that could deepen and widen this conflict. Many questions must be answered if we are to move forward and go it alone.”
Murphy , Patrick FL D X WPBF U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must be held accountable for violating international law.
Neal , Richard MA D X Statement “While the Syrian government needs to held accountable for its outrageous behavior, I believe that every diplomatic option ought to be exhausted before the United States and its international partners contemplate any military action in the region.”
Negrete , Gloria CA D X Press-Telegram Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Montclair, said in a statement last week following the attacks. “This action no longer justifies a strictly ‘hands off’ diplomacy to what Americans once perceived as a regional conflict.”
Nolan , Rick MN D X CBS Democrats Betty McCollum and Rick Nolan are joining Republican Michele Bachmann to oppose any military action.
Nugent , Richard FL R X Tampa Bay Times “Nugent [drew] applause during a town hall meeting by saying he is “absolutely, unequivocally opposed” to military intervention in the war-torn country.”
Nunes , Devin CA R X Statement The ‘limited’ military response supported by President Obama, however, shows no clear goal, tactical objective, or in fact any coherence whatsoever, and is supported neither by myself nor the American people.
Pascrell , Bill NJ D X Buzzfeed Pascrell [] supports a U.S. military response to Syria.
Pearce , Stevan NM R X Las Cruces Sun “I still believe intervention in Syria is a wrong and costly course. However, I look forward to reviewing all related materials, and to a thorough and detailed debate in Congress, where the issue should be decided.”
Pelosi , Nancy CA D X Real Clear Politics Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, supports the administration — while acknowledging the political pitfalls.
Perlmutter , Ed CO D X Statement “The use of chemical weapons against innocent women, men and children in Syria is horrendous. I think there should be targeted military action against Syria to prevent further atrocities and the use of chemical weapons in the future.”
Perry , Scott PA R X “I understand the portion of American leadership across the world, but in this case, I feel like there is not an immediate direct American interest in Syria to get involved in civil war,” said Perry, a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard who served in Iraq.
Pingree , Chellie ME D X Morning Sentinal Members of Maine’s congressional delegation applauded President Obama’s decision Saturday to seek authorization from Congress for the use of military force against Syria but were not ready to endorse a military strike — at least not yet.
Pocan , Mark WI D X Statement A strong discussion occurred today, however I am still not convinced that there is a compelling national security interest that necessitates a military response, solely or largely born by the United States.
Poe , Ted TX R X The Hill Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) said Friday that he was “not sure what the purpose” of an attack on Syria was, suggesting that President Obama was trying to “save face” with a military strike in response to last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack.
Polis , Jared CO D X Denver Post The role of our military is to defend our interests,” he said, after several questions on the matter. “If we have the ability to do it, without adversely affecting our security, … We have a moral responsibility to examine it.”
Pompeo , Mike KS R X Statement “Today, with the presence of chemical weapons, and with Iran and Hezbollah as Syria’s puppet masters, this dangerous situation can become even more untenable with the wrong American actions. A ‘shot across the bow’—intentionally missing the target of your combat firepower—is a reckless proposal by our President.
Posey , Bill FL D X Bay News 9 Congressman Posey is opposed to military intervention in Syria and has voted to block such action.
Price , Tom GA R X Twitter American involvement in Syria means articulating America’s security interests. POTUS has failed to do so. Need approval from Congress.
Quigley , Mike IL D X WGNTV Quigley said if a vote were held today he thinks it would be a “lean ‘no’.”
Radel , Trey FL R X Fox4Now “As an American, and one who represents and serves an area with a lot of veterans, I am very hesitant to throw our armed forces into another conflict in the Middle East and that said, the President and his administration are going to have to convince a lot of us,” Radel said.
Rahall , Nick WV D X Metro News Third District Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV) says he thinks a limited U.S. military strike on Syria is appropriate.
Rangel , Charles NY D X USA Today [W]e should not get drawn into another proxy war that would entangle us with Hezbollah, Iran and Russia.” CNN also says he opposes
Rigell , E. Scott VA R X Politico “If I had to vote today, given what I know, I would vote no,” Rigell told reporters after the briefing. But “I’m also open to the debate.”
Roby , Martha AL R X “The use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is unacceptable, and the Syrian regime must be held accountable.”
Rogers , Mike MI R X CNN I think at the end of the day, Congress will rise to the occasion,” Rogers said on CNN’s “State of The Union.”
Rohrabacher , Dana CA R X Center for Security Policy Because he sees no clear side that the United States should be supporting in Syria, Rohrabacher doesn’t believe that “we should worry as much about one of those groups getting poison gas as we should be worried about having America drawn into yet another conflict.”
Rokita , Todd IN R X Statement “I remain skeptical of intervention in the Syrian conflict at this time, as I do not see a clear and imminent threat to the United States.”
Rooney , Tom FL R X “My concrn is if we take military action, then they will respond — like with a missile strike at Tel Aviv. Then we will have to respond at another level,” Rooney, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a telephone interview on Friday.
Ros-Lehtinen , Ileana FL R X Miami Herald The President still has yet to articulate a clear objective, what U.S. national interests are at stake, what our strategy will be, and what our contingency plans are for all possible outcomes.
Ross , Dennis FL R X Statement “After being briefed yesterday, I continue to not support the use of military force in Syria at this time.”
Rothfus , Keith PA R X Daily American “U.S. military action I don’t think is appropriate at this time,” the first-term representative said. “You need to ask, What is the objective of military action, and you need to ask, What is the likely outcome of military action?”
Royce , Edward CA R X House Committee on Foreign Affairs “The Administration’s Syria policy has been incoherent, and there are many unanswered questions, so I welcome the President’s decision to seek congressional authorization for any use of military force and look forward to a vigorous debate on this critical issue.”
Sanchez , Loretta CA D X Statement The decisions we face go far beyond Syria’s borders. I am deeply concerned about the risk of not responding to this violation of international norms, especially in light of North Korea’s and Iran’s access to the same type of weapons.
Schrader , Kurt OR D X Statement After more than a decade of war and billions of dollars spent, the United States can no longer afford to be the world’s police. I urge the President and my colleagues in Congress to continue to work with the international community to end the violence in Syria, but direct U.S. military involvement at this time is one of the worst of many bad options.”
Scott , David GA D X “Where is our national security threatened with what is happening there?” asked the Georgia congressman. “There are regimes poisoning their people, shooting their people from the Congo of Africa all over the world. Do we go to every place?”
Sewell , Terri AL D X The use of such atrocious weapons against civilians, particularly women and children, is unacceptable. We cannot sit idly by and let their reprehensible actions go without punishment.
Shea-Porter , Carol NH D X Concord Monitor “Alone among her colleagues in New Hampshire’s congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, a Democrat, took a firm stance yesterday against U.S. military intervention in Syria.”
Sherman , Brad CA D X Roll Call “While the President makes the case for limited action, the resolution he proposes is without limits. The proposed resolution would give the President the authority to act with no limit on the duration of our involvement and it would authorize all types of military action, including boots-on-the-ground,” Sherman said. “We cannot give the President a blank check.”
Sinema , Krysten AZ D X Statement “The international community supports the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom, democracy and dignity. However, I have serious concerns that greater involvement – such as a military strike – may force the United States into a larger military role, putting our servicemembers in harm’s way.
Smith , Adam WA D X Armed Services Committee Site “[W]e should expand and accelerate our support for moderate elements of the opposition forces with both military and non-military aid.” (Ranking Member)
Southerland , Steve FL R X WCTV While Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is a tyrant and a threat to his people’s freedoms, I share the concerns of many Americans who are weary of launching a mission that is currently undefined and lacks a clear end game.
Stutzman , Marlin IN R X IncNOW TV “I am deeply skeptical of American military involvement in Syria. After ignoring his own ‘red line’ in recent days, President Obama again outlined no clear strategy or objective today should we take military action.
Swalwell , Eric CA D X Twitter I am deeply concerned that the proposed White House resolution for #Syria is over-broad and would allow troops on the ground. Can’t support.
Terry , Lee NE R X “In the case of Syria, I’m reluctant to involve the U.S. military in the civil war in Syria because we don’t have friends on either side of this conflict.”
Thompson , Bennie MS D X Reuters Representative Bennie Thompson, the top Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee, said as he left the meeting, adding he was leaning toward a “no” vote. “In terms of whether not a lot of questions were really answered today? I’d say no,” he said.
Thompson , Glenn PA R X Sun Gazette Absent an imminent threat to our national security, I do not support military intervention in Syria. Should the president believe the situation in Syria poses such a threat, it’s imperative that he make the case before Congress so that elected representatives have an opportunity to put any action to a vote. At this point, it remains unclear as to what goals intervention would achieve
Tierney , John MA D X “The United States doesn’t always have to be the most outraged and the most aggressive.”
Tonko , Paul NY D X WNYT “At this point, I would not be in favor of a missile launch,” Tonko (D – Amsterdam) said Thursday afternoon.
Turner , Michael OH R X Statement “I will not support any funding request for an attack until the president acts to remove the burdens of sequestration from our military.”
Van Hollen , Chris MD D X USA Today Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee, said the resolution submitted Saturday by the White House is “too broadly drafted” and that he cannot vote for “a partial blank check.” NOTE: Nobody seriously thinks Van Hollen will be a “no” vote, but his current comments put him here.
Vargas , Juan CA D X 10 News I am now prepared, after careful consideration of these classified documents, to support President Obama’s request to use limited and targeted strikes to deter the future use of chemical weapons.”
Walorski , Jackie IL R X WIBC Following [Obama’s] address, Walorski said it’s unclear how “a limited, narrow act” of retaliation will accomplish anything.
Walz , Tim MN D X Politico Democrats, he said, have been too meek in challenging Obama on the merits of his case for attacking Syria after allegations that President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against citizens.
Wasserman-Schultz , Debbie FL D X Reuters “The searing image of babies lined up dead, that’s what I can’t get out of my mind right now,” Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz said after the closed-door briefing.
Weber , Randy TX R X Statement The use of chemical weapons, while a direct violation of international law, is not enough to justify our military involvement.
Westmoreland , Lynn GA R X Statement I agree that the reports out of Syria of the staggering death toll and the reported use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime are troubling. But that does not mean that the United States should intervene.
Wilson , Frederica FL D X “I’m not a hawk and I will do anything that I can to keep our nation from going to war. It is my hope that we will not go to war.”
Wolf , Frank VA R X Fairfax News Wolf said he remains deeply concerned about any U.S. military action in Syria and, if a vote were held today, he would vote against a strike.  He raised concern about whether such a move would empower radical Al-Qaeda connected jihadists and if a U.S. strike would result in a retaliatory strike on the United States or American interests abroad.
Woodall , Rob GA R X Statement With the facts that I know now, I do not support an American attack on Syria, but if an attack is what the President wants, I welcome him to come to Capitol Hill and make his case to Congress and all of America.”
Yoder , Kevin KS R X Buzzfeed “I don’t want to intervene at all,” said Kansas Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder said to loud applause at a town hall at a local high school.
Yoho , Ted FL R X I firmly believe that the United States should not intervene in the civil war unfolding in Syria
Young , C.W. Bill FL R X Tampa “I do not want the U.S. to be involved in another war like we have been in that region,” Young said in a telephone interview tonight. “It’s not only very expensive but it could lead to putting our soldiers in Syria. We have been tied up in Iraq. Afghanistan is a real sloppy failure and we’re hurting kids that don’t need to be hurt.”
Young , Don AK R X Facebook As events continue to unfold in Syria, I want to make it very clear to Alaskans that we cannot ignore the unthinkable horror of using chemical weapons; however, at the current time, I do not support U.S. military intervention in Syria’s civil war. After a dozen years, the American people are sick and tired of sacrificing lives in foreign wars.
Young , Todd IN R X Ninth District Republican Todd Young says he’d support military action if the White House can explain how it advances long-term goals in Syria.
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