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Unlike Libya, where strikes were free & easy, Syria not a piñata?

Assuming some accuracy regarding the Russian deployment, how much doubt is there that the Russian ships and the sub in the East Mediterranean will be immediately considered targets if/when their radar systems form part of the radar umbrella tracking and attempting to shoot down the relatively slow and vulnerable cruise missiles being launched from offshore USA boats?

Where does that line of probability branch into unpredicted and strange territory? And where does it end? Nobody can claim to really know.

It’s not worth the risk being propped up as the “red line” of no return. Who are these idiots who claim to be forced and trapped into this insanely rash response because Obama said “red line”, instead of “ruby line”, or “cardinal”, or “strawberry”, or “a line the color of the lipstick Marilyn Monroe liked”?

The US/Israeli test missile launches Tuesday morning (Damascus time) were probably hoping to detect Russian telemetry prior to any fully functional launches. Neither side seems to have reported if the Russian systems were activated to any degree by the feint.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice . . .
Fool me three times . . .
Fooled as many times as need be? . . .
Remember Colon (sic) Powell’s UN lies and appeal to empty fear to invade Iraq?
Remember the first Bush president’s buildup to attack Saddam Hussein in Kuwait? The young Arab girl, from Kuwait, crying before congress, telling the world about the infant incubators? And the babies that had been thrown on the floor by Iraqi soldiers? She was some Arab diplomat’s daughter; sent out to lie for her cause. It all came out later; much too late.

True credibility has only one life. Once sacrificed by profane use, it remains dead.
The same lying agents do not get clean slates after each new election cycle.

As for the videos that have been displayed as provocation demanding the “corrective” measure of USA-instigated destruction, I’m unconvinced, both of the “evidence” itself, and of the desirability of the proposed cruise missile “warning”.

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