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Over Easy Tuesday

Dear Dinerzens,

I am so sorry I overslept today and did not get to the diner at the appointed time. I used to work in restaurants, and I had a lot of dreams over the years of morning disasters like this. I had a lot of naked waitress dreams, which of course meant I was stressing over some lack of preparedness in some other aspect of my life, but I never got used to being naked in front of my customers, in my dreams. I had naked bartender dreams also, when I did that job. I had dreams of cooking eggs, and forgetting orders, having too many customers at once and all of that. But I have not had a naked diary nightmare, so I guess this is it. So sorry for being late again. It was the holiday that threw me off, I guess. It feels like Monday, but we have already had our excellent weekly Monday Science  installment. There is just no excuse, and all I can think of is how hard Richard worked every day to have the Diner ready each morning no matter how poorly he was feeling.

Over the weekend I exchanged e-mails with an old friend who said the world is just too terrible, and I think that about covers it. Between Fukushima and Syria, we are in a a dangerous way.  My cat, Mr. Sadness, is very sick now, and I am struggling with what comes next for him. That is my big agenda item for today, consulting with the clinic about how to deal with his current issues. Yes, it is a hard time for everyone.

My e-mail overflows with petitions, requests for money, and political actions. I got some exciting news from a filmmaker who made a short movie during our going out of business sale last year. Her name is Janire Najera, and she says the film has been short-listed for “Cannes in a Van,” which is a little festival that happens off-side the bigger festival. If you want to see it you can go here.

That’s all I have for today, but remember off topic is always good. Thanks to BT for helping us understand Fukushima better. It really has me in a turmoil, all that radiation.

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