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Meanwhile, on the subject of bad ideas…

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I read over the long weekend that Mary Matalin, of all people (that should just be her name, “Mary Matalin of All People…”) was demanding the Obama Administration have an “exit strategy” in regard to Syria.

And while I must disrespectfully agree, it does make me wonder how she suddenly discovered this idea, because it hasn’t been demanded by a Republican in years. For example…

Afghanistan’s police and army are losing too many men in battle, and may need up to five more years of western support before they can fight independently, the top US and Nato commander in the country has told the Guardian.

General Joseph Dunford also said in an interview that it was too early to judge whether Nato had been right to end combat operations in Afghanistan this spring.

“AMERICA: Even our existing exit strategies, do not have an exit strategy.”

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