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Dear USA, Please Don’t Be That “Guy”.

So is it just me or has the United States become the militaristic equivalent of one of those people who just cannot bear to not be in a relationship? You know the kind. They go from relationship to relationship usually starting up a new one before their current one ends. They cannot stand to be alone for even a moment.

Well the US is starting to feel a great deal like that. We aren’t completely out of either Iraq or Afghanistan and now the Military/Industrial/Infotainment complex is trying to push us into yet more armed antics in Syria. It’s starting to get more than a little pathetic. Well actually it’s getting a lot pathetic.

It would be nice, hell it would be fucking awesome if we had the resources to intervene everywhere in the world there are bad things happening. The main problems are A: We don’t and B: There’s bad things happening to a greater or lesser degree pretty much EVERYWHERE. Then on top of those problems is the problem of our questionable reasons for intervening. The government always puts everything in the noblest of terms and then not very far down the road we find out that the underlying reasons have more to do with acquiring resources than any humanitarian aims. It’s a bit like stopping your neighbors house from being burglarized, not out of concern for your neighbor but because you want to bang his wife. It’s kind of skeevy.

Ultimately it’s past time that we put a stop to the Perpetual War Train. We cannot afford it. Financially. Morally. Spiritually. We Can Not Afford Another War. Period.

Keep The Faith My Brothers And Sisters.

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