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Congressional Vote on Syria Whip List, Tuesday September 4

Below is the updated table of Members of Congress’ voting positions on Syria.

The White House is in a bit of a pickle — President Obama feels he needs the support of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to get House Republicans on board, and he may be right. However, McCain and Graham want regime change and a number of Democratic AND Republican votes appear to be contingent upon the language of the authorization being limited to airstrikes and preventing boots on the ground.

It’s worth noting that many of today’s quotes came after members of Congress had been briefed and did not find the evidence compelling.

Syria War Vote Count Sunday, Sept. 2 2013

Democrats Republicans Total
Firm Nay 13 27 40
Firm Yea 14 4 18
Leaning Nay 34 51 85
Leaning Yea 20 6 26

I’ll continue to update the chart throughout the day. Please let me know if you find quotes from any member of Congress who isn’t listed that indicates where they stand, or if you think I’ve assigned someone to a category where they don’t belong. [cont’d.]

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