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a rhetorical flourish?

Fellow Progressives

 to the Progressive Caucus – Gentlewomen and Gentlemen, Representatives

I ask you to consider how the Tea Party approaches their party leaders, when you speak with President Obama tomorrow.

You will be given the hard pitch. That America would lose face if we didn’t BLOW PEOPLE UP in Syria. I urge you to stand strong and united. You are the largest caucus in the House.

If this is a matter of international law, why then is it being prosecuted with VIGILANTE TACTICS. Why does not the wisdom of former President Carter prevail, a SUMMIT, THE UN, The WORLD COURT. There is no need to ACT BEFORE the FACTS ARE IN.

It is not incumbent upon America to be PROSECUTOR, JUDGE, JURY and Executioner. We hear, the usual WAR MONGERS

rushing to offer every justification for WAR-MAKING. The cabal of rightwingers, who never pause but to dip their hands in some small nations blood. I will not point to their ties to the ARMAMENTS LOBBY – I leave that to others.

Again, we are told there is no time for a thorough UN Inspection? How many times can they use that one? Again we hear tales of pipelines, that must be thwarted. And if the moral arguments are not enough. Let us not be drawn to war, because of a rhetorical flourish!

 Which is the largest best armed rebel group? An Al Quaida offshoot alNusra Front, who the Turkey border patrol has recently caught with Poison Gas. So America will do this to strengthen their hand? – so we can eventually meet them, better armed in the streets of Aleppo, and Damascus. TE Lawrence said, “if we do not treat the Arab fairly and continue to plunder their lands, our grandchildren will be fighting in the Middle East.” –  Let us for once prove him wrong.

I ask you, one and all, be the voice of Reason, of Justice, do not sign off for expediency’s sake.

Stay strong be the voice of Compassion – tell the WAR MONGERS and the Would-be War Criminals, you find justice in court not in a MISSILE CRATER

Rick Spisak News Director

Progressive News Network

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