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I know that Obama is, at the end of the day, a shill for many powerful forces that actually do pull the strings on the creation of policy both foreign and domestic. I do realize that policy and the resulting politics are not about any one individual.  I did vote for Obama in 2008 with what I thought were fairly realistic expectations about what to expect. I never believed that he was the second coming. He struck me as a snake oil salesman from the get go.

But I did not for see his utter contempt for the rule of law. Food stamp fraud is prosecuted mercilessly.  Those who committed massive fraud in financial services sector and put more people on food stamps than anytime in history have been handsomely rewards for their criminal behavior and incompetence.

His utter contempt for the constitution. Massive spying and surveillance.

Asking congress, our representatives, to vote on whether to start a new war of aggression, after which his minions make clear that he does not consider their decision binding. In so doing he makes clear his contempt for us and the democratic process.

Even in a political culture like ours in which politicians lying to the people is the default position, he stands out. And he, like Bush, is now lying us into a war the consequences of which could be truly catastrophic – for us. Even worse he is not even honest about the range of disasters that could result from such an action.

He has done nothing and doesn’t even appear to be truly interested in facing the real crises that face not just ordinary American but mankind – climate change, food and water shortages, growing inequality etc.

He has been more than willing to bargain away SS and to facilitate the destruction of public education and educational freedom.

His administration is negotiating a trade deal in complete secrecy that will had unprecedented power to global corporations at the expense of the American people. That he is doing this in secrecy underlines his contempt for us.

I could go on and on. I’m sure you could as well.

But even given the above, I remain puzzled as to why he and is minions like Kerry are will to risk not only all out regional war in the mid-East but the possibility of world war for a small scale chemical attack about which the facts are not yet clear. It can’t be a matter of merely maintaining credibility.

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